Your Poo and You

By Leila Lutz

If you really do want to get healthy, I mean really healthy, then this fortnightly Monday blog post of mine is for you. Right here, I am going to walk Soul Sessioners through body wisdoms that will help you get to know yourself a whole lot better through the natural signs, expressions and rhythms of your body that you may not even be aware even exist right now.

And if you do want to get healthy, I mean really healthy, you must be willing to stop suppressing all your natural expressions with the clever little medical inventions that keep you from ovulating, sneezing, coughing and even feeling… and be willing to get acquainted with your body, your fat, your cellulite, your mucus, your acne, your PMS, and even your poo… yes, your poo.

So many people get all squirmy when I ask about their bowel movements, as if the question alone will result in a laxative affect all over my comfy Ikea chairs. Others, on the other hand, haven’t released their waste for so many days that the question results in a beetroot red flush to the face followed by what could be described as almost tears of agony.

If either of these scenarios were the case in primitive times, the tribe’s health practitioner would examine your faeces at length, some even taste it to determine just exactly what was going on in your body. There is a lot to be learned by getting to know your own poo.

Now, I’m not saying that you should turn around and pick it up out of the toilet for a Masterchef style finale alnalysis, or send me pictures of your poo while travelling in third world countries like my ex-boyfriend got in the habit of doing, but just as you might allow yourself to cry after a fall (thanks Hedley Galt), you ARE allowed to turn around and have a look at your own business, because there is deep wisdom about the health of your insides, waiting for you right there.

My favorite deconstruction of the human poo, is that of Paul Chek’s in his book, “How to Eat Move and Be Heathly”.

As you can see, there is the Poopy Police Man and all the typical offenders. In short, if you go to the cop shop (toilet) and come out having dropped off robbers (all in the poopy line up), then we’ve got some investigating to do.

A seriously stinky poo can mean you have eaten too much processed food or have been too exposed to medical drugs.

Those pellet poos, the ones that you push so hard to get out that your eyes bleed, are often an indication of hydration problems, and/or eating too many processed foods again such as protein bars etc. You could also have problems letting go (see Louise Hay).

High stress and anxiety levels can result in you not being able to go, going too much or constant diarrhoea, depending on whether you have gone into a sympathetic or para-sympathetic state.

Parasite and fungal infections can present in a myriad of different poos that normally have a pattern and you’ll need an awesome coach to help you with this one.

Detoxification challenges, leaky gut syndrome and food intolerance or inflammatory disorders challenges can result in loose stools or visible food particles.

Your poos can also tell you if you have vitamin and mineral absorption issues, less than paramount gut bacteria and too much or not enough fats/protein/carbohydrate in your diet – that is, the secret to a diet that will actually work for you.

So what is a perfect poo? Well just have a look at your Poopie Policeman standing on the far right. And notice that he is six inches long and comes along and checks up on you every day!

So, what does your poo say about you? Start by having a peek each time you go and diarise your findings. Your body wisdom knows everything about You. Are you willing to listen to it?

Soul Sessions salutes the very awesome Leila Lutz, founding
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