polaroidIt wasn’t that long ago that it felt like life had me by the short and curlies. I had no money, no time, no freedom and no joy. I was not the creator of my own reality.

Every day, I got up to put on my proverbial armour, so I could go out into the world of white noise, to be a puppet in other people’s drama and chaos. I felt trapped and awkward and all wrong most of the time. I was contracted. Unhappy. It was all just poo, bum, wee.

And then… one day… it changed… because it had to. The compression had been building, and building and BUILDING until my soul demanded that it changed.

I quit my job, the one that had me working for da man. I dug down deep to figure out what my true Soul Goals were. You know the ones… a true Soul Goal makes you feel all light and tingly, like there are rainbows and butterflies on your insides waiting to fly out all at once, with one big fat kaBOOM!

Soul Goals are yours, and no one else’s. They are the product of your deepest desires. Soul Goals get air time when there is silence everywhere else. They’re precious, and grow into themselves with pure love, nurturing and commitment. After a few shaky (and quite scary) stop-start moments, I moved into a space of stillness until eventually I found my flow.

Today, Soul Sessions is the culminated work of an incredible team of mentors who have wisdom, knowledge and support to offer you.  Together, we run events and programs that support people to invite more love, connection, freedom and abundance into their every day lives.

I am living my dream life, from my heart, with nature and abundance and life awesomeness all around me. It’s not without its challenges, but it’s mine. Work is like play. Life is like love. Love is me. I’m a round peg in a round hole.

The chaos, the drama and lethargy has been replaced by the hum of dragon flies, purple lavender, pink lillies and tropical champagne zanzibars. And I didn’t move to Byron to get it. I simply made the move from my head to the heart of my soul and had the courage to take action in support of that journey.

polaroidBefore I got to this place of heart-centred living, the change felt like it was 100 per cent impossible.

Whether its in business or your personal life that you’re most craving change,  I know that using the principles and strategies you are exposed to at Soul Sessions, you can have what your soul truly yearns for too.



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