Work With The Universe (Princeton University Is!)

By Kim Forrester, Spiritual Commentator

“If psychic ability really exists, then why aren’t you winning the Lottery every week?” says the sceptic to the psychic.

This plausible – if not slightly tiresome – question has been undermining the existence of psychic abilities for decades. It stands to reason, I guess, that if someone is able to “peer into the future” then they should be able to conjure an image of their television screen and take note of the Lotto numbers as they come bouncing down the chute. But why stop there?

If psychic ability is real, then shrewd intuitive students can discover their exam questions well in advance and have the perfect answer memorized … (here’s one I prepared earlier!) … or budding romantics can check to see how the relationship ends before they commit to the fourth date.

In fact, if psychic ability really exists, surely those with the ability would win – at life, love and the lottery – all the time. But, thankfully, that’s not how it works.

For the informed, the existence of psychic (or psi) ability is no longer questionable – over the past decade, phenomena such as precognition, telepathy and remote viewing have been scientifically demonstrated and replicated thousands of times. In fact, the evidence is now so strong, and the studies so watertight that, in recent years, even staunch sceptics are begrudgingly admitting the undeniable results of modern psi experiments.

Strikingly, science has also demonstrated that psi abilities are not some mysterious gift, bestowed on a chosen few. In fact, evidence shows that psychic insight is wide-spread, and is found in every human being, to varying degrees of efficacy. Rather than some elusive gift, psi appears to be commonplace, readily available and, dare I say it, quite normal.

This scientific evidence is certainly working toward understanding the basic “how” of psychic ability, but we are still floundering to understand the “what”; what messages and information are able to be received and why, oh why, are we not able to summon those Lottery numbers? For these answers, we need deeper, more spiritual insights.

It is my understanding that any intuitive messages that I receive – about myself or others – come from a single source – the collective energy of every living Soul, the God Consciousness … the Universal Mind. This unified consciousness has been the focus of a group of researchers at Princeton University. Entitled the Global Consciousness Project, this study has used random number generators to display the significant and undeniable effect our collective minds have on the environment around us. Their work seems to highlight a fact that indigenous people have known for millennia – that at a deep level, we are all One.

It all comes back to energy – we are made (at our fundamental-building-block level) of energy, and our energy is intertwined and integrated with the energy of everything and everyone around us. Like a murmuration of Starlings, we are individuals in our own right but we are also constantly able to feel, contribute to and affect the greater whole – called, amongst other things, God, Source, the Universe.

Now, for the purposes of this discussion we need to get one thing clear about the Universe: you, as an individual, matter … but what matters more is the overall flow of the Universe as a whole; the collective wellbeing. The balance. In other words, as I often say to my 9 year old, it’s NOT ALL ABOUT YOU.

Therefore, when you tap into your natural psychic abilities, you are able to ask for and download any information you want from the Universal database, provided that: It is for the highest good of the collective, or It will have little or no affect at all. Inside these parameters, the infinite and timeless wisdom of the Universe is at your disposal!

I, personally, have called upon my intuition to win small amounts of money at the horse races, to choose the perfect Christmas gift and to beat my husband at Trivial Pursuit. But I have also used my intuition in times of personal upheaval – deciding to leave a job, or a relationship – both for myself and for others. In each of these scenarios, my intention was to have fun, to be of service or to bring myself in alignment with my purpose – scenarios that are all for the greater good … or of no significance at all.

So what if winning the Lottery is for the greater good? Surely then the numbers would be available to download? Well, actually … yes. Ihsanullah Khan appeared in Time Magazine in 2005 with a remarkable story of intuition, luck and destiny. A taxi driver in Washington DC, Khan played the weekly lottery with a set of numbers that had appeared to him in a dream, finally winning a $55 million jackpot.

He decided to return with his winnings to the Pakistani area of Batagram, where he felt he could do the most good. Khan ran for Mayor, and won … and three days later, a massive earthquake levelled the town and killed 73,000 people throughout Pakistan. Khan immediately used his Lottery fortune to fly in medical personnel, supplies, food and shelter, saving thousands of lives in the aftermath of the quake.

Thankfully, we are now entering a new era of psychic and spiritual awareness, where people are less inclined to say “I don’t understand it, it doesn’t exist” and more inclined to say “It exists, now I will try to understand it”.

Therefore, it is time for each and every one of us to recognize, develop and utilise the amazing connection we each have with universal knowledge. Recognising and listening to your intuition can bring more fun, flavour and fulfilment into your life – and what’s good for you, is good for us all.

So ask, listen, have fun and be unrestrained in your use of your psychic skills. You can rest assured that if the outcome does not upset the Universal balance, the answers will be at your fingertips.

And as for the Lottery? Well, one day you just may be given the numbers like Ihsanullah Khan, but until then I suggest you forget it. You’ll have more success if you bet on your intuition instead.

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