Why I’m All Fired Up About The Wellness Business Owners World Summit (WBOWS) 2013

By Me, Soul Sessions founder Eloise King

I was very proud this week to announce officially what is quite possibly the world’s worst kept secret. Haha…

This week Soul Sessions became the only place on earth (for just a wee while longer) where you can get one of the limited number of FREE Pre-Summit tickets to the Wellness Business Owners World Summit (WBOWS) 2013.

Many hundreds of people have already signed up for what is the world’s largest online event for people working in wellness… and if you run a wellness business owner, or are thinking to start one soon, you can sign up for FREE Pre-Summit tickets too >>> HERE <<<.

So, what is WBOWS and why have I co-created it? To answer the WHAT question, you can watch the video above (under 5 minutes). To answer the WHY question, read on….

You see, almost three years ago I had a dream to bring like-minded people together for “wine, dine and wisdom” events, so we could explore the deeper parts of our lives, together, in a way that is urban cool, real and authentically social.

Two weeks later, the first Soul Sessions took place with 33 people in a teeny cafe in the back streets of Surry Hills, Sydney. From that day on I put my heart, my soul, my love, my everything into building it into the vision of what I could see in my dreams. As things developed, I chose to leave my exciting job as a journalist with the country’s largest selling newspaper also. I was committed, 100 per cent.

The only problem was, I had no business experience and no clue about what it really takes to make a business work. I had the vision (tick) the passion (tick) and the drive (tick)… but not the experience (x), not the knowledge around business strategies that work (x) nor the capital to be able to pay someone to make things happen (x).

And, with a growing boy to feed (now 7 years old)… things got a little scary. I’m not going to lie. No-one was having much fun for a while there.

So I started to look around for help. Who could teach me what I so desperately needed to know? Where could I be exposed to the right business strategies and learnings?… but all I could find was very expensive business programs that seemed ‘kinda suited’ but very generalised. And they really didn’t seem to understand my value system as a Wellness Business Owner… and they definitely weren’t talking my industry language.

In an effort to change all that, I teamed up with the very savvy Nick Psaila, a business coach with big experience, an even bigger heart, and some bulldog determination for good measure.

Together, we have created WBOWS and are bringing together the ‘best of the best’ business minds, thought leaders and success stories in wellness from around the world… to provide the support and critical learnings WBOs need… without having to spend another four poor years at university or thousands of dollars at expensive business courses to get it.

I am so proud to be able to announce just a handful of the confirmed speakers at WBOWS, including:

1) Chip Wilson – Lululemon Founder and Billionaire
2) Michael Gerber – NY Times best -seller, E-Myth
3) Dr Joe Dispenza – Neuroscientist and Author of ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’
4) Loral Langemeier – The Secret, Dr Phil Show money and business expert, author of Yes! Energy
5) Michael Port – Author of NY Times best-seller Think Big Manifesto and Book Yourself Solid
6) Justine McKell – Wellness industry PR expert)
7) Duncan Peak – Founder of Power Living Australia Yoga (P.L.A.Y) and General Manager Elise McSweeney

…+ more AMAZING business minds to be announced soon.

I have personally had to learn a HEAP of things the HARD way, but if WBOWS had existed three years ago, I would’ve saved myself a whole lot of time, money, heart ache and stress… and I know that’s what this event will do for the 15,000+ Wellness Business Owners expected to attend… it is the exact resource I wish I had when I was starting out in business and the exact resource I will tap into every year from here on in to make sure I’m keeping up with the latest tools, strategies and industry insights that work to make my business AMAZING and to keep it evolving.

So if you are a wellness business owner, or thinking about starting a wellness business any time soon, join us! It’s such a no brainer. The number of FREE tickets are limited.

>>> Sign up for FREE Pre-Summit tickets HERE <<<

When and where will we meet again?
Tomorrow? Fresh blog soul here (almost) daily ~ A Grand Love Story
April 10? In person at next Soul Session Sydney ~ Sex, Love & Domestic Bliss (or lack thereof)
Any time day or night? Soul Sessions Facebook page

LeeWhy I’m All Fired Up About The Wellness Business Owners World Summit (WBOWS) 2013

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