What Good Can Come From 40?

Soul Sessioner Wendy Calaco

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Soul Sessions recently had the pleasure of collaborating with the very beautiful, successful and loving friend and SS member, Wendy Calaco, on a love project called ‘What Good Can Come From 40?’ This short 11 minute film is about a 39 year old woman who is struggling with the concept of turning 40. As the big date gets closer, she decides to transmute the fear around her new age number, and the things she hasn’t yet achieved (but thought she would have), by launching the What Good Can Come from 40 Project. It’s been a joy to watch Wendy face her very real fear, and turn it all around with a simple idea that has sent ripples of goodness out into the world. Next time you’re struggling with something inside of yourself, remember the research that tells us that little acts of giving have great power to uplift your spirit AND uplift the spirit of those around you at the same time.

LeeWhat Good Can Come From 40?

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