Pay It Forward. Thank YOU Kate Hare.

By Eloise King

By me, the founder of Soul Sessions Eloise King

The key to the Pay it Forward concept is simple, in that you do a kind and Selfless act for someone, and then you ask them to Pay it Forward by doing a kind and Selfless act for someone else.

If we all aimed to operate this way in the world, imagine the level of support we would feel as members of our humanity tribe.

So, I was super touched when Soul Sessioner Kate Hare wrote in to say that she had booked in for our December 8 session, only to realise she wasn’t going to be able to make it.

Instead of asking for a refund, she has asked me to Pay it Forward to “someone who will really benefit from the session”, which is now sold out.

So this time, rather than choosing someone myself to gift the experience to (which I have done often in the past, and it feels awesome) I wanted to throw it out to the Soul Sessions tribe to see if you know someone who might fit the bill.

So, if you know of someone who will “really benefit from this session,” please remind yourself of what will be happening at this particular sessions here – The Wish – and then tell me who that is (first name only) and why you think they’d benefit from joining us at The Wish, December 8, in the comments section below.

Let’s pay this one forward together!

LeePay It Forward. Thank YOU Kate Hare.

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