More Fat, Less Weight

So, I’ve got myself a trainer (with a pornstar name), a food coach to educate me, and a C.H.E.K project partner in crime (Fatboy Charlie) to keep me honest.

Together, we’re on an eating program of fat, fat and more fat. Not just any type of fat… but rather, the good fats. And not just fats on their own, but rather, each meal must be a combination of fat, protein and carbs in the form of vegetables. No sugar.

The problem: I just demolished a big chocolate cupcake with fluffy cappuccino coloured icing and divinely delicate chocolate flakes. Happy birthday to me!…

During project: C.H.E.K your health, food coach Jo Rushton has encouraged us to keep a Diet, Exercise, Sleep diary. It’s for recording what we’re doing/consuming and how we feel physically, emotionally and mentally after each meal.

Me, thirty minutes after the cupcake: physically, both wound up and tired all at once; mentally, a little chaotic; emotionally, under par. Interestingly, at this point I turned the TV on for the first time in months. The Biggest Loser was on.

So after all these years of being told by main stream communications that low fat = good health, how can fat suddenly be our friend?

Primal Body, Primal Mind author Nora Gedgaudas is a smokin’ hot expert in the field of true health and nutrition. That is, not fake health and nutrition.

Gedgaudas argues that fat has always been our friend, we’ve just been force fed the wrong information along the way by people/government/business who want to make money from sugar/carb based foods.

For many, very well-researched reasons, Gedgaudas is a major fat (and no sugar) advocate. “We need to be fat burners, not sugar burners, if we really want to be healthy in all areas of our lives,” she says.

So, who benefits from diets based in carbohydrates?

“Certainly not the people who are forced to live this way,” Gedgaudas says. “The food industry, diet industry, big agribusiness, the pharmaceutical companies and ultimately the petroleum companies (upon which big agribusiness and others are dependent) all make out like bandits, though.

“For them, it is immensely profitable to have the entire world depending upon carbohydrates — particularly addictive grains — as their primary source of fuel. The vast majority of advertising dollars spent are designed to support these interests.

“And schools of all kinds are, in turn, encouraged to teach whatever maintains the profitable status quo.”

Whoa! Have we really all been duped?!

Here’s what the producers of a controversial documentary called Fat Head have to say.

Gedgaudas says the physical, emotional, mental benefits of becoming a fat burner are many.

“If one elects to metabolically adapt to becoming a fat burner – someone who uses sufficient dietary fat to satisfy one’s appetite (while avoiding sugar and starch) – this forces the body to adapt to fat as a primary source of fuel for their metabolic fire,” she says.

And what is the result of this basic metabolic change?

“Freedom,” Gedgaudas says. “You have effectively removed the constant need for ‘blood sugar’ for your energy, mood and cognitive functioning. All of a sudden eating becomes more of a choice rather than a constant necessity.

“Energy levels maintain more constancy and an even-ness that allows for clearer thinking and stable moods.”

This is all good news for someone who has been in relationship with anxiety and depression at different points throughout life. But wait, there’s more.

“You will suddenly find your food bills lessening considerably,” Gedgaudas says.  “The natural dietary fat you eat quickly fills you up and leaves you less hungry, with cravings rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

“Sleep becomes more restful; aging slows and becomes more graceful. You begin to look and feel younger.  Energy is never in short supply.”

So, after eating more fat in the past three weeks than ever before, here’s the kicker:

I’ve lost two kilos.


LeeMore Fat, Less Weight

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