I quit cortisol

Project: C.H.E.K Your Health

When I was a girl in high school, I wanted to be one of two things: a psychologist or a journalist.

Funnily enough, while my life between the sandstone walls of The University of Sydney became filled with rats, Maslow and Manning Bar mayhem, I got a job working for Rupert Murdoch at News Limited taking classifieds ads for its newspapers.

My casual weekend working hours were spent writing award-winning headlines such as: Adorable Minx Asian Rose, Best Car Boot Sale Ever, and American Staffy Terrier Pups For Sale.

 Changing the world? No. But my foot was jammed hard in the door of the world’s most dynamic media company. Soon after, I started my cadetship at The Daily Telegraph.

Fifteen colourful years later and I’m still writing at News Limited’s Holt St Sydney office, mostly for Body and Soul these days, the health lift out in Australia’s largest selling newspaper, The Sunday Telegraph.

But now… it’s quittin’ time!

Why? I’ve decided to quit cortisol. And the reasons behind this decision are truly fascinating. Hold onto your undies…

LeeI quit cortisol

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