I Like Beautiful Things, I do

By Me, Soul Sessions founder Eloise King

There is nothing wrong with wanting a nice house, cool car, big bank balance, awesome wardrobe, rockin’ shoe collection, a sexy career and more. In fact, I do hope, with all of my heart, that one day I am able to live in a home that is finished to my absolute aesthetic perfection… with beautiful artworks hanging from the walls (a Karla Dickens would be fabulous dear God); a 25m lap pool down the side of the house; a lushious garden full of Costus Barbatus, Zingzibar Champagnes, rainbow Heliconias and bamboo; and an Audi Q3 in the driveway please Universe… or a vintage VW combi… or how about both?

You see, “my” Audi (I’m SM.A.R.T) really is a very welcome change to my little black 2004 Holden Cruze, which is loved up, but dinged, a little scratched and, in truth, getting a bit too tired to do all the road travel I still have in my heart. It just doesn’t suit me, my partner nor my growing boy’s needs anymore.

And, in truth, I feel that I would really enjoy sitting behind that lovely Audi badge, made up of those beautifully placed rings, all circular and complete, that speak to me about sophistication, expertise and next generation cool, all while whispering something kinda spiritual and whole to me.

You see, I like beautiful things, I do. They are material things that cost money, and I am open and welcoming for “my” money, too, please Higher Power, which I promise to spend wisely… of course after a wild intial spending spree, that is purely about fun, fun and more fun… which is a good thing right? We’re here to play, non?

But I’ve been taught to be specific in my prayers and manifestations, so please know that I currently bank with ANZ and my Paypal Address is eloise@soulsessions.com.au (that’s all you need to make a deposit), so either of those places would be a great place to start.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

Please know, however, that I’d want none of this, if I had to give up a creative, soulful and meaningful life to have it. If I had to work really hard at something that I hate in order to have the money to own these beautiful things, I would happily go without… because I now consider myself to be one of the “lucky ones”, who knows what they desire ~ I know what makes me itch.

For me, it’s everything that Soul Sessions is exploring ~ a strong connection with Self, a trusting relationship with love and Source and a solid connection with a tribe intending to live a heart-feulled life that is expansive and true.

As Alan Watts narrates beautifully in the stunning TRAGEDYANDHOPE clip, above:

“Forget the money, because, if you say that getting the money is the most important thing, you will spend your life completely wasting your time. You will be doing things you don’t like doing, in order to go on living, that is to go on doing things you don’t like doing, which is stoopid.

“Better to have a short life, that is full of things you like doing, than a long life spent in a miserable way. Afterall, if you do really like what you’re doing, it doesn’t matter what it is, you can eventually become a master of it. It’s the only way to become a master of something, is to be really with it… and then you will be able to get a good fee for whatever it is.

“Somebody is interested in everything, and anything you can be interested in, you will find others who are interested in it too… but it’s absolutely stupid to go doing things you don’t like… because that is all wretch and no vomit. Therefore, it is so important to consider this question… what do I desire?”

And I would answer, A Meaningful Life… that is full of beautiful things ~ “my” Karla Dickens, “my” Audi Q3 and my Zingzibar champagnes.

What do YOU desire?

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LeeI Like Beautiful Things, I do

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