Green Meal Designs for Detox

Project: New York Detox

The thing about detoxing is you invariably take a dive before things start to feel better.

Along with many other foods listed here, coffee is off the menu for a while.

Having not had my daily piccollo (x2) since my baked eggs and ham on Sunday morning, my mind and body are starting to feel the pinch.

My head is sore with a mild withdrawl headache, my mind is a little foggy, my limbs a little heavy, I’m a tad spikey emotionally and I’m starting to get the sense that the best place for me right now is at home, away from the world. Wouldn’t want to bite anyone’s head off now, eh?

To take my mind off it, I thought I’d share some of the foods that naturopath-herbalist-nutritionist and cleanse guru Anthia Koullouros has given the green light to. In fact, there are a lot of green foods in there.

As well as eggs, grass fed meats, activated nuts, good oils (coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil), a small number of fruits and seasonings (berries, green apples only, grapefruits) are  good for ingesting.

Out of the 24 items on the vegetable list, 16 (or two-thirds) of them are green.

But you don’t have to be detoxing to want your greens to taste great and have maximum nutritious value. So check out Anthia’s very handy list of ways to prepare your greens for best taste and nutritious punch.


Green Asparagus:

  • Steam and use crunchy spears to dip into soft boiled eggs or a delicious avocado or eggplant dip.
  •  Sautee in coconut oil. Add sea salt & pepper & lime juice.
  • Sautee in ghee or animal fats & bacon bits. Add sea salt & pepper.

Green Beans:

  • Boil or steam.
  • Add to soup finely chopped.


  • Steam and puree and add olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt and pepper. This makes a green mash. Steam some cauliflower with it as well as well as this purees even better and gives it a creamier consistency.
  • Steam & finely dice and add to mince meat for a bolognaise sauce. Add to soup finely chopped.

Brussels Sprouts:

  • Steam sliced & then add olive oil & bacon bits. Add sea salt & pepper.

Green Cabbage:

  • Finely grate and sautee with green apples & onions and serve with pork sausages.
  • Make cabbage rolls by boiling cabbage whole leaves until soft and then rinse and dry until cool.
  • Add bolognaise to middle of leaves and roll and add to a pot of the roasted tomatoe sauce recipes & water to cover. Add to soup finely chopped.


  • Cut into spears & serves with a dip
  • Thinly slice and add to a salad.

Green Lettuce:

  • Tear up and add to a salad
  • Make salad cups and add sautéed beef sirloin in capsicums onions, tomatoes or bolognaise. Roll up and serve.


  • Roasted with other vegetables.
  • Add to soup finely chopped.
  • Grate and add to meat balls or patties or bolognaise sauce Grate and add to an egg mixture and make an omelette.

Kale, Spinach or Silver beet, Chard: 

  • Add to soup.
  • Steam and finely dice and add to mince meat for a bolognaise sauce.
  • Use leaves like cabbage leaves to make stuffed rolls.
  • Steam sliced & add olive oil, lemon juice & bacon bits. Add sea salt & pepper.

Bok Choy or Chinese Broccoli:

  • Sautee in tamari, coconut oil, lime juice, ginger, coriander leaves and serve as is or with fish. Add to soup.
LeeGreen Meal Designs for Detox

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