Eat Your Heart Out

David Wolfe

Forget chicks’ g-strings, bras and roses. When rockstar of global health circles David Wolfe told Soul Sessioners that just writing down the phrase: ‘I eat the best food ever’ has encouraged the universe to throw it at him in large amounts, a row of high quality organic dark chocolate went hurtling past his head and across the Soul Sessions stage. Whoa! This stuff really works! “Write it down,” Wolfe advises. “It has the power to help manifest it in your life”. But what is the best food ever?

What happens when you don’t get sick no matter how hard you work, no matter what you do?

That is what’s available to us because the technology is here. It’s a technology, a strategy of nutrition. It’s a technology of herbalism. It’s a technology of little gadgets like this. I love that because everybody goes, what is that?

We know now what the impact of the chemicals are. This is what the impact is. The 75,000 chemicals that were invented and developed since 1940 that are now into the environment. They’re in us, they’re all on the animals on the earth. They’re on our ocean, on the land. Generally, have an effect of being xeno-oestrogens in our system. For example DDT is a xeno-oestrogen. DDE is a xeno-oestrogen. These are popular, world-famous types of pesticides. This situation is affecting every single person in this room. It’s affecting every single person in the western world, it’s pretty much affecting everybody on earth at this point.

Inevitably, at the age of 30, 40 or 50, We have so much bad oestrogen and we don’t have enough opposing progesterone, testosterone and DHEA, that list is very important and you’d want to remember. Testosterone, progesterone and DHEA which are androgens and are major sex hormones and major health hormones. Because we found out over the last 20 years that the sex hormones are actually the health hormones. If you’re topped up in testosterone, progesterone and DHEA and your oestrogen is in balance, you’re healthy!

Whenever there’s chronic cancer, a chronic acne, chronic cyst problem, anything that’s intractable like that you can bet your bottom dollar that at the root of it is a bad oestrogen problem.

There’s only so much you can eat in a day. Just put yourself in the way of all good things. Show up in a health food store and say I’ll take the organic vegetable juice. Go to that vegetarian restaurant and say I’ll take this. Go to the organic restaurant and say, yup we’ll take it.

…The best food that get’s thrown at me, massive amounts of sacred chocolate. Chocolate smoothies with all different kinds of super herbs in it. Look at this…

LeeEat Your Heart Out

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