Dying To Be Me

Anita Moorjani

Anita Moorjani – author of Dying to be Me; My journey from cancer to near death to true healing – struggled to establish her career, find true love and be happy. As an adult, she had been working in the corporate world when in April 2002, she was diagnosed with cancer. By 2006, her body was riddled with malignant tumours the size of lemons and on February 2 she slipped into a coma as her organs began to fail and her body swelled up like a balloon. In hopsital, she had a fascinating near-death experience that took her into a different realm. Her experience on the other side was so tremendously blissful and imbued with such potent realisations about our inherent worth and love, that it changed her perspective on life dramatically and what we are required to do/be here on earth. Dr Wayne Dyer discovered her story, tracked her down and insisted she write her story for the world, which she did. She will leave you with no doubt that we are spiritual beings having a human experience . . . and that we are all One!

LeeDying To Be Me

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