Changing Your Brain

Dr Joe Dispenza

High-profile neuroscientist Dr Joe Dispenza talks to Soul Sessions founder Eloise King. Join them for a fascinating journey across quantum physics, neuroscience, brain chemistry, biology, and genetics to show you what is truly possible for your life. Anything is possible if you have the access to these universal laws and are learning about manifestation from masters like this one.

LeeChanging Your Brain

3 Comments on “Changing Your Brain”

  1. Myteee

    Can we watch videos without this music background? Can’t deeply concentrate on the sens of what is being said. This is taking me away.

  2. Tino

    Agree, the music is absolutely annoying and a concentration killer, which is too bad, because the information is very valuable. Who ever had the idea of background music in a scientific interview should immediately be fired. If you still have the original footage or the working copy replace this bad joke with a new one (without music), please.

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