Your Wee and You

By Eloise King

By Health Coach Leila Lutz, Momentum For Life

In my last Soul Sessions post we looked at your poo and you. Now, its time to move on to wee. Sounding a bit like kindergarten? Well sometimes the most simple things are the most telling and profound.

I know you’re dying to know about fat and cellulite, cortisol and circadian rhythms (and we WILL get onto that) but if you really do want to get healthy, then you must understand the nature of your own body’s wisdoms – they will help you get to know yourself a whole lot better.

And in order to get to know this body of yours, you need to potty train with the wisodms before you can squat and hover above the toilet seat as a protection strategy from germs …or even… if it’s of interest to you, get the ping pong balls in the bowl with precise aim. But I digress…

While our tribal ancestors were busy tasting poo to diagnose your fate and disregard for yourself <read more here>, medieval physicians were much more advanced by progressing to the golden tinkle for answers. They believed they could diagnose disease by holding up a flask of the patient’s urine to the light and squinting at it. They, too, would taste their patients specimens, only in liquid form.

Now, I know I’d rather taste wee than poo, but holding urine in my mouth and drawing in breath to identify notes of either “floral” for pregnant or “ammonia” for kidney issues across my palate, doesn’t really appeal to me. All I can say is thank god for microscopes and dipsticks.

These days, the most common and well known method to detect pregnancy is to pee on a stick. Once purchased for under $10, the appearance of one line or two can change your whole world.

A good naturapath, such as former Soul Sessions speaker, Anthia Koullouros, uses little dipsticks too! Add a little bit of your tinkle, and bring in her 15 years of experience and knowledge and this natural health goddess can tell you a whole lot more than just whether you are pregnant or not… she will have vital information about your organs, gut, kidneys and more.

This can bring some comfort to those of you who have kinniptions about needles and the sight of blood, as urine tests can be an early marker for changes in the body that may lead to disease. Blood tests, on the other hand, only pick up when the body is already in a diseased state. And we all know that prevention is always better than having to find a cure, right?

If you did really want to have a taste, you could, I guess. Kidney problems taste like acid… diabetes would be sweet. But it may just be easier to seea naturopath like Anthia, hey?

But before you even get to that stage, there is a lot you can tell from just having a look back at your wee in your loo and noting its colour.

Dark yellow means you’re dehydrated

Fluorescent results from taking vitamins, especially the B ones.

Clear is sometimes an indication of a UTI

Blue or green wee can result from excess calcium or from eating asparagus. This also has a distinct smell.

A sweet smell is an indicator of diabetes.

Red or pink wee can be blood from kidney stones; a UTI; or just from eating beets, rhubarb, blackberries. Strenuous exercise or excess stress can also have the same result and leave a smell of ammonia.

So, what is the optimal colour of wee to see?

Light yellow for a well hydrated body with little or no aroma.

It doesn’t take much to have a looksie after a tinkle, and I recommend you do it daily, at the very least, to see whether your body is crying out for water.

Not paying attention to basic body wisdoms like this, is a huge mistake. If you don’t listen to your body’s signal, the pain teacher, the pain teacher has to cry even louder until you are ready to listen.

And, while we are in the potty training phase of body wisdoms 101, if you can get the water and hydration thing down pat now, you’ll make it oh so much easier for me to help you grow up without cellulite on this marvellous journey of body wisdoms we are all on together.

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