What is True For You Will Always Feel Light

I love the idea that our bodies are intelligent, packed with wisdom and guidance. All we are required to do is check in.

In a recent interview with Access Consciousness co-creator and author of Being You, Changing the WorldDr Dain Heer spoke about many things, one of which is the following law:

What is true for you will always feel light,
that which is not for you, will always feel heavy.

So clear. So simple.

Access Consciousness teaches that your body has its own intelligence. Your job, then, is simply to stay in communication with it so you can become aware of what it truly wants and needs, not what you think it does.

Your body does not talk to you in words, however, but rather in feelings of light and heavy.

What is true for you will always feel light,
that which is not for you, will always feel heavy.

“It’s important to remember that you are not your body,” Dr Dain says. “You are all around it, you are in it and through it, but you are not your body. Your body has a consciousness of its own, desires of its own and you need to respect those by communicating with it. If you can tune in to your body’s intelligence, it will start to tell you what you need to be doing for it each day.”

Dr Dain suggests three things that you can do today to start accessing your body’s intelligence… 

1) Ask your body what it wants to wear

Your body will make you aware of a particular shirt or pair of pants with a feeling of lightness, or you’ll be drawn to something energetically, or another item might flash across your mind before you’ve even seen it. “This is your body’s way of talking to you,” Dr Dain says. “The days that you both ask and listen are usually the days that people will comment on how great you look in your outfit.”

2) Speak to your body about food 

Instead of making a food and drink choices around what you think you should be eating, try asking your body what it would like to eat. When an item flashes across your mind, go with it. “If you are eating out at a cafe or restaurant, look at the menu and take notice of the first thing your eyes focus on, it’s usually the thing that your body wants. Ask your body: ‘Body, is this working for you?’ If the body desires something different to what you’re feeding it, you will end up low on energy or getting sick.”

3) Movement

Your body loves to move so ask it what kind of movement it would like? It may be a walk around block, to stretch in the sun, go for a run, dance, practice yoga or a martial art. If you don’t ask, you won’t know. “This can help a lot, especially for people who have depression or are wanting to change the size or shape of their body in some way,” Dr Dain says. Now, here’s the kicker: “If you start communicating with your body properly and asking it what it would like, it is usually more than happy to shape and change itself according to what you ask of it.”

What is true for you will always feel light,
that which is not for you, will always feel heavy.

What could you ask your body for guidance on today? Hmm…

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LeeWhat is True For You Will Always Feel Light

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