What Is It That You Most Desire?

By Eloise

“Not everything that can be counted counts,
and not everything that counts can be counted.”
~ Albert Einstein.With religion set aside, Easter is about chocolate ~ giving, receiving and eating it. Yummo!

Or is it? In our busy and noisy world, the gift of Easter… I believe… is connection
with the things we most desire.

Wrapped in a public holiday or two, Easter allows us to leave work and slow down for long enough to feel the sunshine on our face, the love in our heart and connection with Self, friends and family.

It’s about enjoying the simple pleasures ~ a hug, a laugh, a walk outdoors or a hearty pat on the back.

In our busy and noisy world, it’s most often our need to work, our pursuit of material wealth and first worldly pleasure that pulls us away from the stuff that we really desire. Wouldn’t you agree?

But what if these same simple pleasures ~ love, connection and even the time, space and freedom to stop and experience the sunshine on our faces more often ~ could be built in to our working week?

There is a growing number of very talented, successful and inspiring people out in the world that say this is not only possible, but this is the stuff that is defining of the “new paradigm of business.” They also say this shift is a necessary for those wanting to thrive and experience future success.

Just some of these great minds include:

1) Raj Sisodia, author of Firms of Endearment

2) Kevin Roberts, CEO of one of the worlds largest ad agencies, Saatchi and Saatchi

3) Paul Dunn, chairman of B1G1 (Buy1 Give1)

Their message and how to apply it in our world of work and business is just some of what we are exploring at our Soul Sessions on Sunday event, April 27.

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What is that you most desire?

LeeWhat Is It That You Most Desire?

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