The Gong Gurus 10 Ways To Get Circulation Back Into the Dead Leg of Your Life

By The Gong Guru, Matt Omo

I did an unexpected combat roll from bed into my wife’s shoes at the bottom of the closet this morning. Although I was awake, my leg wasn’t. It was numb and tingling, due to my wife’s thigh being cinched over my hip like a tourniquet for the entire night.

Unfortunately, we weren’t experimenting with page 23 of the Kama Sutra… but rather I was squished into the remaining six inches of the bed to make room for my 13-month-old daughter and I’d sacrificed the blood in my leg for a couple hours of sleep.

As I pried my wife’s high-heels from my forehead and began massaging my leg, I thought… what if I didn’t have the awareness to massage the circulation back in, and spent the whole day hobbling around on a numb blob of flesh. It was early and perhaps I hit my head harder than I thought, or maybe the intoxicating scent of baby wee and breast milk had finally sent me over the edge. Regardless, I felt it was a profound metaphor.

Imagine how uncomfortable dragging 15 kilos of numb leg through life would be. I could adapt, but I would be stepping forward in denial of my numb leg. Sounds a bit crazy, doesn’t it? My wife thought so at 6am… and I would agree it is insanity, carrying a numb leg… not the fact that I would have such an idea.

The fact is, we numb ourselves everyday and we blame other people or situations for the numb leg we lug around. From years of guiding people into increased levels of Self awareness, I see too often how good we are at numbing ourselves to the truth of what is going on in our minds, emotions, diet, exercise, relationships, work… and the list goes one. We constantly numb ourselves to the pain/struggle we are creating and blame our situations, others or perhaps even the alignment of the planets for it.

We are numb to the truth that we are creating our own reality, and at any point can choose to massage the life back into the numb parts, or lug them around limp and de-sensitised through life. If we’re numb, we’re dumb to the truth of who we are until it’s too late and we find ourselves completely disconnected, six feet under.

It might sound a bit bleak, dare I say depressing, but in the awareness is the solution. It’s so simple you could kick yourself and perhaps we all should… give ourselves a good kick in the proverbial butt to get the circulation of life flowing again. To stop numbing and start feeling.

This could sound overwhelming, especially if you have spent 20 – 30+ years numbing… but it awakens the second you start to massage the feeling into it again… and it could even become a fun bedroom activity? So how to get the circulation back into your dead leg of life? Here are 10 Ways to do that:

1) Chant or Sing

Get in the vibes. Sound has more power than you can imagine!

2) Get Massages

More body awareness brings, mental, emotional and spiritual awareness.

3) Journal

Write a free flow of consciousness every day. Spew your random thoughts out… It will give you perspective when you see the mental chatter in front of you.

4) Exercise

Get some variety in there, use your imagination.

5) Breath

Deep and slow. The respiratory system expels the most waste than all the other systems combined. If we aren’t doing it right we end up literally being full of sh*t.


Preferably not AT someone… although I did see a guy on a mobile phone run into a pole the other day and it was very funny!

7) Dance More

Who cares if you look like a monkey, just move your body.

8) Practice Random Acts of Kindness

It’s impossible not to have good circulation in your life if you are helping others.

9) Be Grateful for What You Have

And what you don’t i.e. an alien parasite in your small intestine.

10) Practice Being More Loving

To yourself included, and many times, most importantly!

Sure beats prying high heels out of your forehead each morning.

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LeeThe Gong Gurus 10 Ways To Get Circulation Back Into the Dead Leg of Your Life

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