Fat Psychology

Tara Diversi

Dietician and co-author of The Good Enough Diet Tara Diversi blesses us with the fruits of her ten thousand degrees. “The problem for people wanting to change, is that they too often aim for perfection straight up,” she says. “To reach perfection in any area of your life means that another area will suffer, severely, but most of the time, good enough, is good enough, and better for your sense of wellbeing.”

People are more likely to tell someone that they don’t know or a friend or even a doctor their sex habits than how much they weigh. We’re all emotional eaters. We all have issues and some people wear them on the outside. Some people wear them on the inside.

So we make 224 food decisions a day. That glass of wine there is equivalent to 3 quarters of a Mars bar. Carbohydrates that least affect us are those carbohydrates that are combined with fat and protein. Calling anybody fat is not gonna help anyone.

There’s a lots of types of hunger. So you’ve got your head hunger, heart hunger and belly hunger.

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