Survey Results from March 2014 Soul Session titled Think, Feel & Grow Rich

A message from Soul Sessions Founder Eloise King

A wonderful side-effect of being on purpose in life is the integrity that comes with it. When you know and align yourself with your values, then most of the time, the thoughts you think, match the words that you speak, match your actions out in the world. A wonderful side-effect of integrity that I’ve eperienced is the freedom to be transparent that comes with it. So in the name of purpose, integrity, freedom and transparency, I’m sharing the results of the session survey from Think, Feel & Grow Rich for your interest. We value your presence at Soul Sessions and your contribution highly. Big love and thanks to you for being here with us.

1) How did you rate your Soul Sessions experience?

Excellent 66%

Very Good 29%

Good 5%

Average 0%

Less than average 0%…readmorehere


2) Did you find today’s content applicable to your business?

Yes 97%

No 0%

Other: Don’t have a business yet 3%

3) Did you resonate with Soul Sessions experts?

Yes 100%

No 0%

4) Do you feel there is great benefit in becoming a part of a Mastermind Group?

Yes 97%

No 3%

5) If Soul Sessions were to put together a Mastermind Group with business experts committed to your success, do you want to receive more information about it?

Yes 80%

No 12%

Maybe 8%

At Soul Sessions, we believe in more love, connection,
freedom, Self-expresion and good life abundance for all.

We look forward to meeting again to explore
The New Paradigm of Business on Sunday April 27.


LeeSurvey Results from March 2014 Soul Session titled Think, Feel & Grow Rich

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