Starting with the end in mind

Project: C.H.E.K your health

Check me out… I’m HOT! Yeeha.

I’ve just returned home from an evening with international speaker and best-selling author Wayne Dyer at Darling Harbour, Sydney. It was hosted by Hayhouse Australia to launch the big man’s brand spanking new book titled Wishes Fulfilled.

Addressing a 2000 strong audience, Dyer talked us through his five step process for manifestation…

Within the context of Project C.H.E.K your health, my number one goal is to become a shining example of health this year. Breaking that down into more specific goals, I’d like to lose 10kgs and genuinely feel fantastic in my own skin.

Here are the five steps for manifestation Dyer shared with us tonight…

Step 1 ~ I am ______/pure health  

Separate yourself from the illusion of time and space and speak to yourself in a way that assumes your goal has already been manifested. Use present tense language.

For example: I am pure health, I am light, I am 60kg of vital being, I am strong in my body, I am a size 8-10, I am perfect well being, I am the product of perfect nutrition, I am a shining example of health, I am full of vitality, I am abundant energy

Step 2 ~ Live with the end in mind

Live your life as if you have already achieved your goal. For example, Dyer had the book cover of Wishes Fulfilled designed before he started writing it and placed it on his desk as though it was already a finished product. Congratulate yourself for being so ______/healthy.

Step 3 ~ Feel the feeling of what it’s like to have achieved your wish

You must be able to assume the feeling of what it’s like to have achieved your goal. Dyer says he often thinks about his goal in the ‘I am’ sense and meditates. Then he looks at himself in the mirror and states his goal – I am perfect health – and stays there until the thought becomes the feeling of having already achieved it.

Step 4 ~ Your attention please

Eliminate all Self criticism, condemnation and negativity. Put your full attention on the image and feeling of what it is you are wanting to manifest. Why not stick your head on the type of body you’d like so you have an image of your new Self to hold your attention? I just did.

Step 5 ~ Five minutes before bed

Dyer says the last five minutes of your day are absolutely critical for your ability to manifest the goals and life you want. “Just before your head hits the pillow you are preparing yourself to marinate for the next eight hours,” Dyer says. “You do not want to enter your dream state having just replayed everything you didn’t like about your day as that is what you will be programming yourself for more of.”

Hmmm… feelin’ good about being so HOT and healthy right now. How about you?

Time for bed… Zzz

LeeStarting with the end in mind

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