Say Yes to Yourself

By Eloise King | First published in body+soul August 21st, 2011

Want to feel better about yourself but not sure where to start? Neurolinguistic programming expert Alistair Horscroft says it’s as easy as saying one three-letter word. “Everybody talks about unconditional love as this airy-fairy thing that came out of the east. It’s not. Unconditional love is just saying ‘yes’ to yourself for no reason at all.” If all seven billion people on the planet said you were the best, there is still a part of you that could disagree with that. This, Horscroft says, is proof that self-worth is an inside job and no-one can do it for you. Try this: “For the next two weeks say yes to yourself when you’re on the toilet, when you’re brushing your teeth, when you’ve just dropped a plate or had an argument. As soon as you give yourself a reason it becomes conditional.”

LeeSay Yes to Yourself

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