Salad eating b*tch

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Guest blogger Charlie de Demko

I’d like to think I have always been conscious of my diet. Even if a little misguided at times.

In my twenties I’d have phases of being very fit, not drinking and eating well. During these purple patches I would shop (what I thought was) healthy: low fat everything, low fat marge, low fat milk, wholemeal bread, lettuce, tomatoes, tinned tuna etc etc.

Dom, best friend and flatmate, would call me a ‘salad eating b*tch’. He was right. I had been sold some idea from the front of a box of Special K…

While there was a naivety around nutrition, I’m not alone. Most of us accept what we are told from the shelves of supermarkets and processed food packaging.

Food coach Jo Rushton, however, has been challenging my misconception that eating foods with fats make you fat.

Not cake. Eating cake is always going to make you fat. But eating quality cuts of meat is an essential source of saturated fat for the body. See the table of goods fats vs bad fats. It turns out, I can eat as much fat as I want… just as long as it is born in nature: fatty cuts of grass fed meat and raw (full fat) milk and cream, coconut oil, nuts and avocados.

Another big change to my diet has been avoiding processed food with the LHI rule. Processed food, when you think about it, it’s everywhere – chocolate, bread, pasta, “orange” juices and even baked beans are conveniently preserved and packaged.

Just two weeks in I am feeling lighter (marginally) but more importantly less stressed, more creative and focussed… and I have better skin and eyes.

I might have even found a cure for my 3am sugar fix… grass-fed beef sausages before bed! Dom would be proud.

Peace, b*tches.

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LeeSalad eating b*tch

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