Abundance (Part 1)

Rhiannon Rees

Business Coach Rhiannon Rees says: “The bigger your ‘why’, the more abundant you will become”. Once apon a time, this now very successful coach was the real life version of Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happiness. Her ‘why’ was to move her and her young son out of the tent they were living in as the Canadian winter approached. As she cried herself to sleep one night, she wrote down the biggest number of dollars she could ever imagine earning in a month – $40,000. She committed to adopting an abundant mindset and 18 months later she achieved it… and then surpassed it.

Rhiannon is a very smart woman. She gives blondes a bad name. So please welcome… Rhiannon!

So what I’m here to say is your self worth will reflect your net worth. So have a think about that for a second. So what’s going on up here, in these 6 centimetres of real estate between your ears is actually gonna reflect your bank account.

I just wanna talk about a study that was done at Harvard University. They studied a group of graduates for over 15 years. They studied the ones that thought about how their life is gonna look abundantly. I’m gonna have this house and that car and this beautiful husband or wife and that much money in the bank. I’m thinking that. There was a small proportion of them that actually spoke about it.

3% of those graduates over the 15 year period actually stopped, did some critical thinking about it, wrote it down specifically. Here’s my 5 year, 3 year, 2 year, 1 year plan. Here’s my 90 day plan. Here’s my tiny little steps I’m gonna use to get there each and every week. They had specific dates and times.

We have a little thing at the back of our heads called the reticular activating system. It’s your subconscious. You need to feed it and you need to feed it visually and just latch on to that and go I’m working on it. I’m working on it overnight because all of a sudden these opportunities will pop up for you.

So in the end of the 15 years, given that only 3% planned their business specifically. How much of the group’s wealth did that 3% own? Any guesses? 97% of the group’s wealth! So how important do you think planning and getting specific is for you and your business or your life?

Where I excel is the human behavior. The mindset behind what they’re doing. The why, why you do the things you’re doing.

If you think you got 50 years to live what are you gonna do?

Take your time.

See you’re gonna take your time. How sad! How sad! Makes me cry. Because you know, it does, it does, you know what, life is a precious gift and here we are whittling it away.

LeeAbundance (Part 1)

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