Primal Body Primal Mind (Part 1)

Gumaroy Newman

There are a lot of people talking about Buddhism and God and other things but we got the almost living culture.

In everything we do it’s not just some do some imagine. It’s all about we say, hello thank you my conditional loving creator. My army what we think within my physical being from head to toe comes from my army. Half of my army comes from even from single design on my body every single design from my brother is paying homage. It’s not a meditation, okay? For example when we play dina, what do we do? Dina one dina dina one. Dina means leg, one means someone, see so therefore what we’re talking about what’s the beautiful word from the word says? Dina one. The reason why I play homage to dina one you probably already know it anyway but Martin lays the eggs.

LeePrimal Body Primal Mind (Part 1)

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