Oops! Where Did My New Years Resolution Go?

By Trainer and Awesomeness Coach LEILA LUTZ

Take yourself back to the moment midnight struck on New Years Eve 2012. You raise your glass for a toast, embrace your nearest and dearest, and if you’re lucky, lock lips with some hot stranger, latest lover or the main wo/man in your life.

You step back, heart beating and face flushed, feeling the fresh and uplifting promise of the new year ahead. Then you whisper to yourself intently, “this year, I am going to …lose weight/make millions/find the man of my dreams” …and this time, you mean it.

Now, come back to the present. It’s Thursday January 24th. You’re sitting on that same chair, in front of that same computer screen. Your back is hurting in that same niggly spot and you’re itching the same old arse that you vowed would be healthier/happier/richer/ kinder. The problem, however, is that it’s just the same old arse that you weren’t happy with in 2012. Sadly, that fleeting little resolution never even made it through January. So now, it’s time to get real.

First, lets have a look at why most goals don’t come to fruition.
Right now, imagine yourself walking up to the mouth of a big canyon. You know the kind if you yell out “HELLOOO”, you wait a second and you hear, “HELLOOO, hellooo, hellooo” bouncing right back at you. Yup, yup… that one. See yourself standing there, alone, and imagine yourself yelling out your deepest desire for 2013, whatever it may be. For example’s sake: “I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT.” Then, listen to what the canyon yells back at you…

“I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT! I want to lose weight! I want to lose weight!”

So, what will you forever be left wanting? You’ll be WANTING to lose weight. That’s how the universe works… it will give you exactly what you ask for.

Now that the new year hype is over, here is the secret to making new year goals that will work for you:

Step 1 – You Already Have It.

Write your goal as if you already have it… “I am thin!” Now what is the canyon yelling back at you?

Step 2 – Be Specific.

Being thin is not necessarily healthy, so it’s important to define what thin will be, look and feel like. How would your energy be? If you’re thin because you are eating and moving well, feeling vital and energetic with glowing skin – that’s fabulous! But if you’re skinny because you didn’t eat, reserved all your available calories for Bollinger and you’re still smoking, because quitting means you will put on weight, that’s probably not the skinny you are after. I mean, Patsy Stone is really funny, yes, but do you want to spend your life in a hungover daze while coughing up tar?

Step 3 – Measurable.

Make sure your goal is Measurable. How will you know when you have reached your desired body shape? What’s your reference point? Perhaps it a dress size, or fitting into an old favorite outfit.

Step 4 – Achievable.

If you’re closest body double is a Danny Devito, are you ever going to look like Arnie? If your current earning capacity is 100K, are you really going to be able to make 500K in the next twelve months? Probably not. Make sure your goal is achievable.

Step 5 – Realistic.

Are you moving towards what you do want to be real, or away from what you don’t want? What would you like to be the reality? Are you wanting more money to be financially independent or because you don’t want to be poor? Do you want health to feel amazing, or because you don’t want to be fat? Your mind does not respond to negatives, so focus on the positive and create a picture of what you really want.

Step 6 – Timeliness.

Make it timely. Pick a date that you want to achieve it by.
Once you have completed step 1 through 6, you will have a S.M.A.R.T goal to work with. It should look a little something like this:

It is 31st December 2013 and I am at my goal weight of 64 kgs. I have learnt so much about my health this year and I feel fantastic. I have a balanced exercise program that I love, I know what to eat that gives me energy and vitality and taking care of myself is so natural now, it is easy. I love being in my favorite dress, the one I wore ten years ago to my friend’s wedding, and I can’t get over how many people compliment me every day about how great I look, especially my partner. I love catching a look at myself in the mirror as I walk past every day. I am so proud of myself.

So Soul Sessioners, are you still saying 2013 is GOING to be awesome? S.M.A.R.T.en up your health and life goals today and use the comment fields below to tell us what you would yell to the canyon if it already was!

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LeeOops! Where Did My New Years Resolution Go?

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