On 26 December 2012, My Life Changed Forever…

By Kim Forrester, Spiritual Commentator

You see on that day, amid the chaos of leftover Christmas trifle and flagrantly-misused Nerf guns, my son blew out the candles on his birthday cake … and I became the parent of a teenager.

Now sure, teenage children can present certain challenges, (rapidly expanding feet, unmet curfews and food that disappears faster than a Kardashian wife on the rebound), but what I wasn’t expecting was the anguish of having a teenage son who suddenly appears to know EVERYTHING.

Of course, this sudden acquisition of “knowledge” is not new. For millennia, parents have struggled with teenagers who think … I mean KNOW … that they know it all. And what is also historically evident is that, one day these teenagers will grow up and come to the realisation that Mum and/or Dad were right all along. In the meantime, however, it seems that I am left to deal with an immature, self-proclaimed genius who is completely unaware of how little he actually knows. (Sigh)

Tiresome as it is, this attitude is sadly not just confined to human teenagers. Indeed, as I reach (once again) for my glass of medicinal vino and Louise Hay affirmations, it strikes me how aptly it reflects the mindset of humanity itself.

For instance, spare a thought for the French peasants who had meteors fall on their heads in 1768. They were promptly ridiculed by the Académie Royale des Sciences because, well, science knew everything about the Universe and rocks simply couldn’t fall out of the sky. Or the brilliant Alfred Wegener, who was vilified for suggesting continental drift. Or Galileo who …. well, you get the picture.

There is no doubt that, since our ancestors took their first tentative steps, humans have become more knowledgeable. But the problem has never been our intelligence, or our curiosity. The problem with humanity is that, like a petulant teenager, it constantly clings to the absurd idea that, with each new discovery, we are nearing the end of our education; that we now (almost) know it all. When, in fact, we know nothing.

You see, while it is true that we know more now than we have ever known before, the fact, according to the latest scientific measurements, is that human science can now explain … wait for it … 4.6% of the Universe. That’s 4 point 6 per cent. Of the entire Universe. What it’s made up of; its composition; its mechanics. How it works, and how we work within it.

So for all of our blustering and arrogance – for all our science and genius, and centuries of research – we have barely scratched the surface of who we are, where we live and what we are capable of.

Of course, over the centuries, spiritual teachers and thought leaders have provided tantalising glimpses beyond our physical world but, almost every time, they have been ostracised or persecuted. In recent decades, brave scientists have been researching new areas of understanding; quantum physics, psi ability and consciousness but, almost predictably, most have been ridiculed or ignored.

Seriously humanity … read the stats: 4.6%! Are we really that insecure (that immature) that we are going to continue to pretend we have all the answers? Are we really going to throw some collective adolescent tantrum every time someone presents us with a new way of looking at things? Or, are we (finally) going to grow up, wise up and accept ourselves for what we are: curious and intelligent creatures that have an awful lot to learn?

The human race has undeniably reached a new threshold of evolution, and we are in an exciting time of discovery and shifting paradigms. But, if we really want to become wise, then we really have to step out of our belligerent teenage phase, and accept that we don’t know it all.

We need to acknowledge our inexperience and embrace our near-complete ignorance. We need to face the facts, open our minds and realise that, until we reach full maturity … until we understand more than a mere fraction of this Universe … we, as human beings, have no right … NO RIGHT AT ALL … to label anything ‘impossible’.

Soul Sessions salutes Kim Forrester, Spiritual Commentator

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LeeOn 26 December 2012, My Life Changed Forever…

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