Nail Your New Years Resolution (Part 1)

Stacey Demarco

Australia’s most trusted witch Stacey Demarco summons up the image and emotion of obstacles standing in the way of our goals to clear the path for manifestation. With frankensense smoke wafting through the air, Demarco leads Sessioners through a spell calling on the double headed Goddess Jana (January). This witch advises you prepare for what you want your future to look like now and work with the earth and moon cycles to make magic.

I call upon the power, the power of three. Give them their wish. So made it be. I call upon the power, the power of three. Give them their wish. So made it be. State it, what do you want?

Talk show.

Wooooah. I’m loving that.

Paganism, has had a bad PR day for the last 2000 years. Now, there’s this whole generation of people coming through with a new outlook on life that are looking at the old ways and saying, how sensible they are.

This is, you know, you did a beautiful meditation that we connected in with the fire of Gaia. Gaia is a very very old entity. Screek. We’re going way back to the old gods. The power of the old deities.

If you want to start a new business this year, this next year. It’s a good time to do it. If you wanna conceive a baby it’s a good time to do it. If you are wanting more money, prosperity, through creative means, you’re getting a good crack at it next year.

The negatives! It is gonna go really fast. Which is one reason, it’s pretty hard to keep your concentration, also your focus. So this is one reason why I’m getting you to start thinking about this now.

I believe that we choose where we wanna go. We work together with the universe up the front here. We take that first step ourselves and then everything falls like dominoes, together, right? We don’t get to choose the how often.

LeeNail Your New Years Resolution (Part 1)

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