My New Simple Heart Practice

Wow – it’s been almost 11 months since my first Grand Love Story blog. I’ve been exploring all things health, enlightenment and entrepreneurship here, but the real purpose has been to journey out of my head – a place I often get stuck – and drop down into my heart… Deepak invited me to, energy coach Jo Rushton told me to, and I want to!

Patience has never been one of my strong points (workin’ on it) and I was warned this would be a two year process for me. The amazing news, however, is that last week I believe I experienced a BIG breakthrough.

Instead of getting stuck in an OCD-style loop of thought about a current problem/stressor, where my head goes into overdrive, whirring away to solve a problem in the way that Einstein described as insane – doing the same thing (thought pattern) over and over again – I was delivered a new strategy that worked magic.

Here’s what happened:

I was lying on my bed staring at the ceiling, for a cheeky five minute time out, when my energy shifted all of sudden, in a very obvious and uplifting way. In an instant, I was no longer looking at the ceiling through my eyes. ‘Wha choo talkin’ bout crazy lady?’ you ask.

Instead, my heart became my vision centre, and suddenly, I was looking at the world (or ceiling) through a new lense – MY HEART. Everything felt lighter, warmer, rosier, unified and, for an instant, I felt like earth mother Eloise AND compassion personified.

While I’d love to report that I’ve held that beautiful earth mother heart space through all waking moments – because that would make for a divine and enlightened life indeed – I’d be flat out lying.

But, more regularly than I would have expected, my energy/vision will suddenly just shift there and I’m seeing and feeling the world through my heart again. Whoa! And it’s beautiful.

So that is my NEW PRACTICE for now. Whenever I think to do it, I close my physical eyelids, drop down and open my heart “eye” to look, feel and experience the world through that new lense instead.

My Heart Practice in action:

Instead of pounding the pavement mindlessly during my 6am exercise ritual this morning, I slowed down and looked or experienced the world through my heart – the trees, the ocean, the flowers and the people. Despite the wet wind and crazy weather, warmness ran through my torso and pulsated through my veins.

And I dare you all to try it at home. Close your physical eyelids, drop your energy down into your heart and open that “eye” to look, feel and experience the world from that perspective instead. It’s the best.

And you?

How do you move into your heart? And what do you experience when you’re there? I’m interested to hear from you all!

LeeMy New Simple Heart Practice

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