My New Business Coach ~ Loral Langemeier

Meet my new business coach, money expert Loral Langemeier. She is the author of three New York Times best-selling books, four Wall Street journal best-sellers, a regular on the Dr Phil Show, the founder of coaching and seminar company Live Out Loud, smokin’ hot at her work… and loads of fun to be around.

One of the four pillars of thought Soul Sessions explores is entrepreneurship. Why? There is incredible energy, creativity and freedom in being able to build a business from scratch and live your dream life… if you get it right, that is.

If you get it wrong, of course, the dream dies a death of a thousand cuts. Which, ironically, is kind of the fun thing about business. At the end of the day, the stakes are often high but it’s just a game that you can win or lose at.

So I’ve called in big gun Loral Langemeier. I’ll be blogging about her business tips, advice and mistakes to be avoided here each week. Follow us to tap into Loral’s guidance for your business too.

Her latest NY Times best-seller ~ Yes! Energy, the Equation to Do Less and Make More ~ has hit the shelves down under AND earnt her the glory of being the first ever American woman to have a best-seller in Oz.

There are so many reasons why she is right to be coaching me. They are:

1)  Her excellent track record as a business woman in her own right. A bit about her journey here…

  After creating her own financial freedom and reaching a net worth of $1 million, it was then that Loral Langemeier decided she would start a coaching and seminar company to provide a catalyst that would allow others to reach this same level of success. The company started small with one office in Novato, California in 2002 and within 5 years grew to a $19 million dollar company. During that time, the organization expanded to its current size which includes 3 locations: Novato, California, South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and Carson City, Nevada.

2) Her deep connection with spirit, source, universe, god… whatever you want to call it. She has it.

3) She is a single mum with a big mission, like me. Her passion for both life and business is infectious, contagious. Love that.

Next post: What mistakes has Soul Sessions made that you can avoid in your business?

LeeMy New Business Coach ~ Loral Langemeier

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