Motherhood, Business, You and Me

By Eloise King

Eight years, 10 months and 12 days ago exactly, I walked out of a maternity ward with the most exquisitely precious bundle of baby boy in arms.

Just 5 days old he was, unequivocally, the most ridiculously beautiful thing I’d ever touched, held close, inhaled.

Pure love. Soft flesh. Big round crystal blue eyes. Ba-boom. Ba-boom. Ba-boom went my heart as I relaxed into the intoxicating uncertainty as to whether we were separate Beings, or One in each other’s whole. Hmmm…

With him, my heart would explode and soften all at once; my eyes swelled with tears of liquid ecstasy; my knees weakened with the strength of his utter vulnerability and I marvelled at the incredible responsibility of motherhood. Whoa! God have mercy. Am I worthy?

The day he was born, was also the day that the Lioness within me emerged… from the deepest part of my soul. Her only role was to love her cub, and protect him at all costs, no ifs no buts, no nothing.

Just one day after returning home from hospital with my precious bundle now 6 days old, the Lioness raised her majestic head and roared. Twenty four hours later, I was a single mum. Just like that. Poof! What was, was now gone.

It took great courage for me to leave; required deep reserves of faith and knowingness; and it changed the course of my life forever.

I tell you this story because without it, I’m not sure Soul Sessions, my business, would ever have been born. The courage I needed to give birth and fly solo in the face of all my very real fears, is the same depth of courage I’ve had to draw on over the years to give birth to Soul Sessions, to stand by and experience her (my) growing pains and to love her (me) even when she is being a brat and causing me great pain and heart ache.

As my second child, there is no longer any uncertainty as to whether Soul Sessions and I are separate or One. In the same way that my son is unequivocally part of my greater whole, such is the truth about Soul Sessions and me… and such is the truth about you, the people, your business or career in your every day time-space reality. There is no separation. All the great spiritual masters will attest to that.

This is why we have chosen to embrace the New Paradigm of business at Soul Sessions. At its core is the tenant of Oneness. What is good for your business, must be good for your people and your planet as well, all at once.

New Paradigm businesses must be willing to forgo profit if what stands in front of them threatens the happiness of its people or the planet they inhabit every day. The New Paradigm of business has arrived and the rewards for those courageous enough to transition are many and abundant. Fact.

There has never been a better time in history to kick BIG goals financially and do good in the world all at once. The rules are very clear and specific. If you’re a solo-preneur, a wannabe business owner or at the helm of a bigger operation wanting to transition smoothly for New Paradigm success, join us at our next Soul Sessions on Sunday, May 25.

It’s called People, Planet, Profit – The New Paradigm of Business has arrived.

I’ll be interviewing two very awesome new paradigm of business experts. Find out who they are and buy your ticket now at this link before the price jumps up from $67 to $97 tomorrow:


Big love xx

LeeMotherhood, Business, You and Me

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