A Grand Love Story (Part 1)

Michelle Richmond

“Breast cancer saved my life,” says Michelle Richmond. Huh? Without it, she would not have been forced to move out of her head in order to live from her heart. Today, Michelle is a healer who has worked with thousands of cancer patients. She speaks of her dance with cancer and enlightens us as to how we too can live with heart to create a truly exceptional life within which “magic happens”.

In a Grand Love Story, Michelle


I met Michelle Richmond and it’s really hard to describe what she does without being cliché of what he did to me but I would say that she changed my life.

A grand love story, which I’d like to think of this kind of the ultimate intercourse. Having an intimate relationship with yourself.

When you lift your heart, magic happens. Things come to in extraordinary ways. In ways that you’ve never imagined and know that’s what happened for me. That journey through breast cancer was extraordinary and the thing that I found really hard through that journey was that how do I achieve, receive help but it was really really hard like you think that would be easy? But I’ve worked with lots of people, like thousands of people with cancer. It’s one of the hardest things. How do you actually ask for help and then when it comes receive it.

It’s all about you. It’s about the I, who am I and then the way how you connect with the world. From since then I’ve worked with thousands of people with cancer as I said, and the one thing that they all say is that they through having that experience they learned to love themselves. And it doesn’t always mean that they have longevity but when they’ve taken a pro-active approach to changing their life in some way and reconnecting with who they are, even the ones who have past, have learned to love themselves have found some healing for that in them that changed their lives.

LeeA Grand Love Story (Part 1)

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