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ongratulations on taking the first step towards joining an expanding collective of people located all over the world who are using meditation to create a life with less stress and more love, connection, joy and abundance.

There is so much scientific evidence available now that supports meditation’s magnificent power to impact the physiology of your brain and body for positive life change.

New studies come out almost every day supporting its many health benefits from reputable institutions including Harvard, Yale, UCLA and many others. You can read more about them once inside our membership platform. At Soul Sessions, we teach and guide you to develop a meditation practice to consciously create a life that you can’t wait to wake up for each day. So come on in… we’re waiting for you to arrive!

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Benefits of meditation are clear as day

This site uses an Extended Validation SSL certificate

This site uses an Extended Validation SSL certificate

What is an Extended Validation Certificate?

As the highest ‘class’ of SSL available, Extended Validation SSL Certificates (EV SSL) activate both the padlock and the green address bar in all major browsers. EV SSL Certificates provide the strongest encryption level available and enable the organization behind a website to present its own verified identity to website visitors. EV SSL Certificates offer a stronger guarantee that the owner of the website passed a thorough, and globally standardized, identity verification process defined within the EV guidelines (a set of vetting principles and policies ratified by the CA/Browser forum). The Extended Validation identity verification process requires the applicant to prove exclusive rights to use a domain, confirm its legal, operational and physical existence, and prove the entity has authorized the issuance of the Certificate.

How can I recognize websites using EV SSL Certificates?

A website using EV SSL Certificate will activate highly visible indicators directly on the browser address bar:

The green address bar, https:// and the padlock icon

The name of the Organization that owns the website and the name of the Certificate Authority that issued the EV SSL Certificate

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