Make Us Cry With Joy Testimonials from New Paradigm of Business Mastermind Group Members

By Eloise King

Hair and Make Up Artist Jennifer Carlson, says:

“The New Paradigm of Business Mastermind Group at Soul Sessions has changed the way I see everything.

All the mentors are out of this world fantastic and deliver leading edge information. I have gained so much from this mastermind experience and it has provided the missing pieces in the jigsaw puzzle for both my life and my business.

There is nowhere else in the world I know of that you can find this cutting edge information packaged up this way, in a format that is in the one place, so attainable, so powerfully transformative and so digestible.

The knowledge and the left-of-field of info-f%$^ing-mation coming through is what sets this business program apart.

In my feeling, this is mastermind experience is in the top 1 – 5 percentile band of what is happening on the planet right now for business. Its enabled me to tie up all my loose ends and I love our weekly get togethers so much that I never want to miss a single minute.”

Wedding Photographer Anna Turner, says:

“I can safely say this with out fear of exaggeration that joining the New Paradigm of Business Mastermind Group is one of the best things I have ever done in my life.

I am not the same person I was when we started this adventure together. My business is not the same business it was a few months ago. My future is not the future I had a few months ago.

I now wake up each morning and literally jump out of bed with excitement – it’s another day.

Through the processes in the New Paradigm of Business Mastermind Group I have found a state of peace within myself and a sense of purpose within my business. I can not recommend it highly enough. I literally can not recommend it highly enough – the experience has been overwhelmingly beautiful as well as providing me with a set of skills and tools which I have been able to implement into my business immediately.

I can not thank Eloise, the mentor team or the other attendants enough for their brilliance, wisdom, love and support over the last few months – life will never be the same again.”

Epic Eco Ventures Business Owner Richie Dutton says:

“I can’t speak highly enough of the New Paradigm of Business Mastermind Group at Soul Sessions. The course combines the power of the mind/body with strategic and essential business skills, allowing you to function at your peak levels.

I have a bachelors degree and diploma that took four years to finish yet I have learnt more in the last few months than I did during those two degrees combined.

This is because this course allows you to become “superhuman” by nurturing your strengths but more importantly breaking down any barriers that hold you back from succeeding in your venture. The course has allowed me to believe in myself no matter the size of the goal, essential skills in brand values, and most importantly it has given me clarity on why I do what I do!”

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Coffee Industry Supplier Ana Martin, says:

When I got “by chance” the basic information about the New Paradigm of Business Mastermind Group I was in no position to even consider taking the course. I didn’t have the money, I live in the Central Coast and driving 1.5 hours each way to join a class for 2.5 hours one to two times a week sounded a bit silly and exhausting. Still, something made me attend the introduction session.

After speding a Sunday afternoon listening to some of the people that would guide the group I drove home not wondering whether I should or could do it, but rather how I was going to make it happen. Since joining the New Paradigm of Business Mastermind Group, I haven’t looked back!

The theory of doing good in business, finding your core values and your purpose sounds a bit fluffly to pragmatic people, such as my husband 😉 But, this mastermind group mentors take you through powerful processes with clear systems to incorporate it all within your business and give you a far better chance at expansion and success.

It breaks the process of discovering your true purpose down into manageable stepping stones whilst challeging you along the way. It changes the way you look at not only what you want out of having your own business, but also why you want to be in business and provides you with everything you needs to believe in yourself and what you stand for along the way.

(Even someone as conservative as my husband commented on the positive changes in me after only a few weeks).

The “teachers” are knowleageble and amazing but most of all they are caring, nurturing, encouraging and inspirational. And the group is the best support team you can wish for. We have laughed and cried whilst going through the challenges that each member faces in order to make positive change for true and lasting business success and we are able to do it because we feel everyone’s encouranging support.

I can not recommend the New Paradigm of Business Mastermind Group at Soul Sessions highly enough.

Olive Green Organic Food Business Owner Camilla Mahony, says:

The Soul Sessions New Paradigm Business Mastermind Group is a business and life changer.

I signed up to gain skills to market my organic foods business, but the world the course opened up is a million times greater than that.

It made me take a step back to confidently find the heart-centred place that the identity, the drive and the inspiration for the business has come from, and then showed how to share that for powerful results.

The mentors are amazing, hand-picked, very individual and at the front of their game, and it is an absolute honour to be amongst the first group to have this experience.

It is really one of the most inspiring things I have ever done and I have met some really special people. You will not look at the world the same way again once you have signed up for and experienced the incredible journey on offer at the New Paradigm of Business Mastermind Group.


Graphic Designer Jazuli Henderson-Smart says:

“The New Paradigm of Business Mastermind Group is a truly inspiring process. It’s quite scary to see business results so quickly – when the doors of possibility get blown open – so fast and so effortlessly.

I’ve had to catch my breath and think – “Am I ready for greatness? Can I do this?“ At that point, the incredible wisdom and guidance from the amazing New Paradigm mentors paired with the loving, supportive kindness of the group all provide a big definitive “YES!”.

Whether you’re looking for business expansion, in-house career direction or support with birthing a new business idea, The New Paradigm of Business Mastermind Group will give you a 2000 volt life reboot that will set you on a new path of awesomeness. A path that inspires you; one that you believe in to your core; and one that gets you jumping out of bed in the morning with a sparkle in your eye. With the New Paradigm of Business Mastermind Group to support you, you know that positive change is not only possible but you make it happen for real.”

Fair Trade Business Pashom & Light of My Soul Candles Business Owner Fiona Chadwick, says:

“Whether you already have an existing business, or just a beautiful seed that is waiting to burst through the surface, Soul Sessions New Paradigm of Business Mastermind Group will nurture, educate, inspire and support you to make your business and personal dreams a reality.

Taking the focus of why I am in business out of my head and into my heart has literally changed my life! Understanding my why, my core brand values and what message I want to send out to the world has turned my work into my love, and this new energy is bringing me into contact with the most amazing people and opportunities….magic is happening!

The knowledge, insight and passion shared by all the mentors on the course is just incredible and results in multiple brain explosions and light bulb moments, and I am eternally grateful for their wisdom, support and inspiration. Perhaps the most powerful benefit of participating in New Paradigm of Business is the connections and friendships made with other participants. The collaboration and support, laughter and fun, sharing of ideas and networking opportunities are invaluable, and will continue well beyond the course timeframe.”

Food and Dip Business Owner Sonia Schofield, says:

“Joining the New Paradigm of Business Mastermind Group at Soul Sessions has been the best thing I have ever done for myself and my business!

The information and strategies shared have helped me develop solid foundations for my business that didn’t exist before and the modules taught have been life-changing (truly life-changing).

I have met so many great people (mentors and colleagues) who have enhanced my journey and continue to do so. The support provided through this mastermind group is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to give their existing business a giant jump forward.

I feel lucky and thankful that I am able to be a part of this amazing program. The New Paradigm of Business Mastermind Group is for anyone wanting to make a change in their lives and business, and make a profoundly positive impact on the world at the same time.

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NLP and Coaching Business Owner Karen Thomas, says:

“The New Paradigm of Business Mastermind Group covers all areas for good business and life and I absolutely love being on this expansive and uplifting journey with so many like-minded people in business.

Every single week there is something new and amazing that I learn. It has me thinking outside the square and its opening up my mind to look at my full potential, while offering the support I need to know exactly how I can reach it.

The mentors are all very different, which is a strength of this experience, and every one of them is expert in their field. The environment for learning is fabulous and the energy is always great.

The humour is fantastic, the loving support is wonderful, and the whole experience is made fun. I bring my new knowledge and learnings from the program into everything I am doing in business and in life.

The New Paradigm of Business Mastermind Group at Soul Sessions ticks all the boxes. It is an amazing adventure that I believe would help everyone and anyone in their business no matter what that business or industry is.”

LeeMake Us Cry With Joy Testimonials from New Paradigm of Business Mastermind Group Members

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