Life is like a box of chocolates

Project: C.H.E.K your health

It’s been said that life is like a box of chocolates. Forrest Gump reckons it’s because you never know what you’re going to get inside. I reckon there’s more to this metaphor.

Consume it fast, unrelentingly and with disdain for the consequences and you’ll wind up sick, fat, sad and possibly dead before your time. Or, at the very least, wishing you were…

Good health is one of four fundamental pillars of thought (and practices) that Soul Sessions embraces, whole-heartedly. Without it, nothing is much fun. With good health, the world is a curious, engaging and enjoyable place to be.

Throughout different periods of my life when I’ve been eating well, drinking less and exercising like a champion (albeit an amateur one), work seems to flow, relationships flourish and life is less… bumpy.

When I’ve eaten on the fly, drunk like a Russian, and shunned the majestic outdoors for another raucous session with friends (or any other active form of unyielding inertia)… life starts to suck for me. Think depression, anxiety and bumps… lots of bumps.

So when Momentum For Life owner Leila Lutz approached me to join her on a three month program of health, mentored by her team of C.H.E.K (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kiniesiology) practitioners, my immediate reaction was… what the bejazzle are we waiting for? Giddy up!

You see, on January 1st I decided that my number one focus for 2012 is to be a shining example of health. OMG, but what of those raucous sessions?

I’d decided that this year I’d like to be healthy, to practice health and understand what it means to live in a truly healthy body. I believe with all of my heart that from this space all good things flow… and all good things are what I’m gunning for in 2012. Aren’t you?

The deal: Leila and her team will teach me and Soul Sessions’  2IC Mr Charlie de Demko how to shop, cook, eat in, eat out and exercise so that my vision of health can become my/our reality. In return, we will follow their advice to the best of our abilities and document our journey and results, here.

There will be many smart, funny and interesting people who I will interview along the way for this blog about health, enlightenment, entrepreneurship and well being. The first three months, however, will be dedicated to improving our health ~ mine, Charlie’s and hopefully yours as well ~ because life is more rewarding when you journey with people you care about.

So, right now, I’d like to introduce you to some of the people who will frequent this page most often, straight up. They are very special. You’ll be glad to get to know them.

PS I ain’t seen no chocolate on the menu so far…

Momentum for Life Owner and C.H.E.K trainer Ms Leila Lutz

Her last Facebook post:
“Success = in bed by 930”

Momentum for Life and C.H.E.K trainer Mr Gus Rickard

His last Facebook post:

…tagged in Lululemon Athletica Mosman‘s photo.

“Gus from Momentum For Life, sporting the Kick Tech shirt & Response shorts for a kettle bell training session. For more information on Gus’ classes, email [email protected]

Momentum for Life Energy Coach  and C.H.E.K (HLC3) practitioner Ms Jo Rushton

Her last Facebook post:

“Energy for personal and professional performance…

People at the top of their game know how to master their physical, mental emotional and creative (PMEC) energy and they know how to sustain their energy under pressure. Time is a limited resource but energy is renewable.”

Soul Sessions 2IC
Mr Charlie de Demko 

His last Facebook post:
“Ronny Jordon cover of So What ..

Soul Sessions Founder, Me, Eloise

My last Facebook post:

Eloise King via Soul Sessions

Aboriginal elder Uncle Max, our next SS speaker, is a conduit for ancient knowledge, deeply spiritual wisdoms and is a chosen Dreamtime story-teller. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to tap in… it doesn’t happen often.

LeeLife is like a box of chocolates

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