Letters From Enroute New York – A Word About Talent

Hello to my darling boy Max!

Right now, I am up in the air on a big jet plane heading for New York City for our Soul Sessions launch. Thanks for the big bear hugs at Sydney airport this morning, monkey boy. I’ve been watching lots of music documentaries about some very talented musicians. Ahhh, music – it’s the language of the soul.

I’ve learned all about a superstar by the name of Harry Nilsson. If/when you care enough to google or youtube him, you will understand that this guy was very, very talented.

John Lennon from the Beatles loved him and used to call him up for jam sessions; Ringo (also from the Beatles) was the best man at Harry’s wedding. Some believe that the only reason he wasn’t as big as Lennon is because he never really understood how good he really was.

Why am I telling you all this? Good question.

It’s important, I think, for us to know and praise true talent in ourselves and those around us when we see it. Why? Because our talents are our gifts, there for us to develop and share with the world.

Harry Nilsson could sing and write incredible music but for some people it’s in their ability to cook; for others it’s about being able to run really fast, talk with flair or perhaps even their ability to be very kind to those around them.

Talent can come in so many different forms and you, monkey boy, have it in spades. It’s always been the case, since the second you popped out of my belly.

So I want to dedicate this monkey song, written by one very talented man Harry Nilsson, to you, my talented boy. Stay locked in to what feels good in your heart, keep doing what you love and developing what you are good at and many beuatiful things will come your way.

All my love,
Your Mamma xx

LeeLetters From Enroute New York – A Word About Talent

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