Kim’s COSMIC Activation ~ A Fool-Proof, Guaranteed Path to Enlightenment

By Kim Forrester, Spiritual Commentator

The name isn’t important.

It was something like “Inter-Galactic Cosmic Activation” or “Atlantian Transformational Stella Healing”. Whatever it was called, it was promising immediate universal intelligence, or instantaneous healing and enlightenment … or something equally as miraculous and enticing … to the visitors of a recent spirituality and wellbeing expo.

I was hosting a stand opposite them, trying desperately to rise above my (unfortunate) human-ness by consciously and repeatedly choosing not to judge. I will not judge. I CAN NOT judge. No judgement. Damn it.

To be fair, the Cosmic Activators themselves were perfectly agreeable people and spent the weekend smiling and cheerfully initiating each other. But despite their overall pleasantness (and my determination to take the high road), I couldn’t help but view their product as something you’d see in a late-night infomercial; a product that offers instant results and comes with a money-back guarantee and a free set of steak knives.

Sadly, on the second day, my struggle to retain spiritual Oneness with my intergalactic friends was further complicated by a very rude man; rude of the oh-my-god-I-did-not-just-witness-that kind. This random gentleman had apparently decided he didn’t much care for my not-for-profit organisation, and found some particularly nasty and obnoxious words in which to express his dislike.

To my amusement, two minutes later, the same gentleman had settled in at Galactic Central and was enjoying the attention of several activators. Presumably, he had emptied himself of vitriol at my stand and was now ready to enjoy the world in a more glorious and spiritually-enlightened manner.

The idea of discovering the “key” to unlock your spiritual self is, I admit, incredibly tempting. Even more so, if you could also lock it again at will; if you could shrug off enlightenment to give that tosser in the rush hour traffic a piece of your mind, or throw a good ol’ fashioned tantrum because you’re overtired and someone’s left their wet towel on the bed again. But the truth is, as with everything, there is no fast track to awareness; no short cut to bliss.

I have no doubt that some may benefit energetically from an Inter-Stellar Initiation (the healing effects of energy and intention are well documented) but practices like these are not a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket to God-Self, or a Fat-Burner for the soul. In fact, like the multitude of skin creams, diet shakes, ab-trimmers and memory enhancers in my cupboards, many spiritual practices are useless unless you are also prepared to DIG IN, and DO THE WORK.

So, in honour of my intergalactic friends, and in memory of Incredibly Obnoxious Man, I offer you this amazing once-only offer. No postage or handling. No money upfront, and definitely no steak knives. I bring you … Kim’s COSMIC Activation. A fool-proof, guaranteed path to awareness:

COURAGE. Have the courage to look inside, face your demons and work through the emotional and psychological mindsets that stand between you and joy. If you’re not willing to process a bit of pain or release a bit of shame, then you’re not travelling, baby.

OWN YOUR STUFF. Nobody makes you feel anything. Nobody makes you do anything. Every reaction you have or judgement you hold is a reflection of something inside of YOU that needs attention. Own that responsibility, and choose your thoughts and actions wisely.

STORY. Keep your mind open, and be prepared to change your story; the story of who you are, your priorities, what you are capable of, what is “right” or “wrong”, and what you “have to do” to succeed.

MIND. As you become more spiritually aware, you have to be prepared to lose your mind. The Universe is far more amazing, complex and miraculous than you can imagine. To taste this magnificence, you really have to let your reality become just a little bit unreal.

INDIVIDUAL. Be an individual. Your life, your beliefs and your journey will not resemble anybody else’s on the planet. Don’t emulate; formulate.

CONSISTENCY. Personal and spiritual development is a life-long process, so don’t expect to reach some amazing point of enlightenment. If you’re still in human form, it’s because you still have something to learn. Stay curious and grow a little every day.

Soul Sessions salutes Kim Forrester, Spiritual Commentator

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LeeKim’s COSMIC Activation ~ A Fool-Proof, Guaranteed Path to Enlightenment

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