Is this Soul Sessions’ New Melbourne Venue?

Project: Soul Sessions Melbourne Launch

I’ve just returned home to Sydney from an inspiring three day Melbourne jaunt/mission. What a marvellous city.

Apart from connecting with good people and fabulous foods from the so-hot-right-now variety of restaurants such as Chin ChinCumulus and Di Stasio, I was on the hunt for a venue to suit Soul Sessions’ wine, dine and speaker southern launch later this year. Giddy up!

Flanked by self-appointed location-scout Lawrence Gozlan (above), I was pushed, pulled, dragged and driven to a myriad of otherwise inconspicuous nooks and good-time crannies. Note: if Melbourne had boobs and a brain, Lawrence would be her all time greatest lover.

As cold, wet winds blew umbrellas inside-out around us, we explored reconditioned churches (Trunk), descended into underground basements (Donkey Wheel), sized up sultry jazz clubs (Bennetts), clambered up lofty towers (Sofitel Level 35), busted into art galleries (Arc One and more) and followed old graffiti tracks around narrow back alleys to tucked away bars (The Deanery) waiting patiently for friends in need.

What were we looking for? A venue that:

  • seats 66 people for dinner
  • has natural space/stage for Soul Sessions guest speakers
  • is camera crew/lighting/sound friendly
  • elicits a deep, resounding and instinctive yes from within

So, did we find the one? The jury is still out… but read on for a handful of the Melbourne spots we’ve been eyeballing.

Could one of them be Soul Sessions’ new Melbourne home?


Once apon a time, people flocked here to preach, confess and pray. These days, they come to Trunk’s reconditioned church in Exhibition Street to wine, dine and pay. Could this be Soul Sessions’ new Melbourne home?


Hidden in the basement of Donkey Wheel House, this creative Bourke Street space has been used for weddings, theatre performances, film shoots and other celebratory events. Could it be Soul Sessions’ new Melbourne home?


Attached to Cumulous, one of the “it” restaurants in the Flinders Lane line up, Arc One is a gallery come function space. Anything from 60th birthday parties to wedding anniversaries to a corporate gig or two could be held in here. Could it be Soul Sessions’ new Melbourne home?


A long way from the grunge of Donkey Wheel’s basement, the Archer Room sits behind Botanical’s fine dining restaurant in South Yarra. A garden wall of living green brings the outdoors in, as does a pendant clad glass ceiling exposing guests to the day or night sky. An open fire warms both hearts and hands. Could this be Soul Sessions’ new Melbourne home?


This intimate, dimly lit, jazz infused speakeasy was created for the discerning bon vivant. Find it at the end of Malthouse Lane (off Flinders) to be transported to an era where cocktails, tommy guns and good times were king. Could it be Soul Sessions’ new Melbourne home?


The Colour Lab is a clean, fresh and colourful cafe, shop and meeting space in Prahran. The display wall of goods is divided into colour sections that represent the seven chakra system – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, indigo. It is modern, fresh, bright and uplifting. Could this be Soul Sessions’ new Melbourne home?

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To be continued…

LeeIs this Soul Sessions’ New Melbourne Venue?

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