Intuitive Horoscopes February 2013

By Intuitive Gahzaleh Lowe

Dear Soul Sessioners,

Everything I know comes from within me, including these. They are not written based on the planets as used in normal astrology. I know, and am certain, that the truth lies within me so I am able to access my own my Intuition to write these Horoscopes.

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Welcome dear Aries to the delightful month of February, one of which will be incredible powerful in the area of your relationships. I feel that it’s this month where some of your greater reflection will finally become accepted by you, which means you’ll be able to create so much more space in your life to love on a level that is beyond the understanding of your mind. On the 3rd of the month there will be a knock on your door with an offer to support you to awaken on a deeper level, please understand that this offer won’t come without challenges. However this being said it’s the kind of challenges that will push you to rise beyond the story. I feel it’s really time for you to rise up and out of the stories that have been taking residence in your head. On the 9th of the month you’ll realise that you have been falling for some words that don’t hold truth and this time you’ll feel free to walk away with your head held high. I feel that you’ll be able to create a much deeper connection with yourself and someone in your life around the 19th of the month due to the realisation that you are not your body, and that who you truly are dwells through all the bodies. The awakening that is needed for you to make the move you know you want to make shows up on the 22nd of the month and you’ll find your wings at this point. Please make sure your attention is on you and not on everyone else in your life. By the end of the month you’ll be so grateful that your month showed up exactly as it did.


I feel it’s important for you to tread lightly this month dear Taurus and what I mean by this is that you are going to need to make sure you are not stomping around proving a point to anyone. I feel it’s best that you become very aware of your agenda’s at the beginning of the month so that they don’t control you for the entire month. You have the opportunity on the 2nd of the month to drop your agenda’s by becoming aware of them and you’ll find yourself moving through new doors. I can’t stress to you how important this is going to be for you and believe me the last thing I want to do is stress you but these words are said some what fiercely. You have so many doors opening up for you at the moment and it’s crucial that your choices are coming from a space that is true and not a space that needs to impress others and show others what you’re about. The only person who needs to know what you are all about is yourself and sometimes you forget this. On the 17th of the month you’ll come across a conversation that will strengthen your connection with yourself and enable you to reach deeper into your soul, and I have a feeling this has been a yearning for you for some time now. On the 23rd of the month you’ll be able to show up in a way that will surprise you and those around you in the best of ways, and this is when you’ll see that the changes really have taken place. I feel that you’ll be able to really express your heart to someone in your life when this takes place and this will create a much stronger bond between yourself and yourself.


If you don’t make an issue out of it then it won’t be an issue dear Gemini, some things require time and you are better off being patient and allow this one to grow naturally. You can’t push something to happen before it’s time and this is a lesson that you’ll come across very early in the month. This lesson will pretty much set you up for the rest of the month as you’ll find more freedom in yourself due to this lesson. I feel that there will be a real gentleness and lightness in you this month, so much so that you’ll feel that you are constantly falling in love, over and over again. On the 13th of the month you’ll come across a proposal that will support you greatly in your financial world, so much so that you’ll notice you do have the key that you have been in search of. A deeper connection will become very noticeable in your life this month with someone that is very dear to your heart. It seems that you’ll find yourself loving on a level that is beyond your understanding right now. On the 20th of the month you’ll feel to share a very special gift with someone in your life and you’ll notice that this gift is reciprocated, which opens your heart even more. On the 24th of the month a very powerful question comes your way to enable you to go deeper into some answers that have required your attention for some time. As the month comes to an end you’ll notice your heart is the most open it has ever been and this will either scare you or push you to keep on opening up, the choice is yours.


The power is in you dear Cancer so start to look within yourself instead of all the people around you. I have a feeling this is going to be a massive month for you in the area of awakening, and also it’s the relationships in your life that will support you to awaken on the level that you are about to awaken. Please make sure you are taking the time to check in how you feel on the 5th of the month as the stories around you begin to become a little more intense than usual. It’s so important that you are not giving your energy to these stories and realise that they are here to support you to awaken, this being the case make sure you use them to awaken you, rather than close you off. The surprise of a life time comes your way on the 13th of the month and you’ll find yourself smiling from ear to ear and this smile will last for a very long time, let me tell you this. I feel that on the 17th of the month you’ll be able to release some of your old beliefs by becoming aware of what they are and this awareness will crumble some of your oldest illusions. The need you have been carrying as baggage for the recent few years will drop away around the 20th of the month and you’ll find yourself diving into a much lighter space. I feel that you are yearning to wake up on a deeper level and you continue to call on life to support you. Life is supporting you and it’s the challenges that life brings your way which are your greatest supporters believe it or not. Leo What has been instilled in you will be tested this month dear


As you come to realise that perhaps life isn’t as difficult as what you have been warned about. I feel that you’ll deal with some aggression this month and what I mean by this is that you’ll release some old aggression that has been sitting in your body for some time. It will be very important for you to observe the aggression rather than allow it to use your mind and body to act out through you. You will want to make sure that you are very sharp in your observing abilities this month and it will all begin around the 5th of the month where some buttons will be pushed. Please be aware if you will that this is all supporting you to have a deeper and richer experience of yourself in this life. Make sure that you make the most of these opportunities and it will be up to you to see them as opportunities. A wonderful surprise will come your way around the 11th of the month and this surprise will enable you to deepen your appreciation for a particular relationship in your life. I feel that you’ll be able to really make the most of the lessons you have learnt of late around the 25th of the month and it will be at this point where your energy will shift into a lighter space. Also your focus will shift around the end of the month to an avenue that will greatly support you to rise in the area of work.


You’ll find yourself a little but distant from the world for a moment or two around the 2nd of the month dear Virgo and it will be very powerful for you not to question what is going on, rather use this time to connect deeper within yourself. I feel that on the 4th of the month you’ll dive into some very powerful and unique ideas that will impress not only you but also many of the people around you. You are ready now and all that has happened has now passed and you are ready for the new adventure in your life. It will be around the 16th of the month where you’ll realise that you don’t have to push yourself to understand things as you used to, because your level of awareness is so much greater now. This being the case things comes to you with a new ease these days and this will really surprise you and also at the same time have you realising that your appreciation is what matters right now. There have been people in your world that have truly supported you to let go of what isn’t true and to really stand up on your own two feet. On the 26th of the month you’ll come across a manifestation that will knock your socks off in the best of ways and you’ll laugh out loud realising that it’s all love and it’s been love all along. At the end of the month you’ll make a decision to put all of your love and energy into the one project and this will become a major success for you, oh and about time.


Consistency will be the key for you this month dear Libra and you’ll find yourself realising that you don’t have to believe in the thoughts that cross your mind anymore. A powerful message comes your way on the 1st of the month and this is pretty much when your entire year will kick in and you’ll realise that you do have what it takes. There is a bit of confusion around the 3rd of the month and the key is to leave it be rather than needing to work it out and make sense of it. So what if it doesn’t make sense and so what if your logical mind can’t put the pieces together. I feel that you’ll release yourself from a trap that has been in your head all along around the 9th of the month and this is when you’ll realise that you have been the one trapping yourself all along. The key you have been in search of shows up on the 18th of the month and this key will be incredibly supportive for you to feel into a relationship in your life that you now have space for. It seems to me that you won’t be playing the same old games that once tormented you more than the other person. Please remember around the 27th of the month that you’ll need to be very, very fast with your choices and you won’t need to check in with your head, it’s your heart that will choose at the end of the day, if you so allow it to.


There is excitement for you this month dear Scorpio and plenty of it as your world changes in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine right now. I feel that you’ll enter a whole new space around the 2nd of the month as you find yourself stepping deeper into a truth that you’ve always known about but have never been able to integrate. Now you are integrating this truth and it feels to me that you and your world is a very exciting place. It seems that there is a love that is taking over your heart and one that is truly unexpected and one that is about to show you what love is really about. You’ll notice this love becoming deeper and deeper as the days go by and you’ll feel to resist at times because it doesn’t make sense to your mind but it’ll be too strong of a pull for you to ignore. I feel that you’ll walk through a new door around the 12th of the month and this is when you’ll choose to share this love of yours and you’ll feel to express it on a level that is not comprehendible to your mind. A few old wounds will finally leave you forever around the 18th of the month and you’ll feel that you are now ready for the adventure that is staring you in the face. The answer you have been looking for comes your way around the 27th of the month and you’ll find your certainty in yourself on a whole new level, yet again.


The world is your oyster and you know it dear Sagittarius and also not only do you know it however you are also ready for it. You’ll take a massive leap of faith around the 9th of the month and you’ll feel to share this leap of faith with those around you. It seems that the questions that once held you back will no longer do this and you’ll feel free to express yourself at the same time. A relationship in your life will strengthen so much more around the 18th of the month and you’ll be surprised as to the amount of love that you actually have to give, the reason you’ll be surprised is because for some reason you’ve held back for some time. A very powerful realisation will enable you to take the 2nd leap of faith in the month around the 24th and you’ll notice some big changes in your financial world, due to the leap of faith. Please make sure it’s your heart you are listening to and not your head and also be aware that the messages that show up for you through however or whoever are here to support you. Please give yourself permission to use the support rather than taking it personally. As you step towards the end of the month you’ll realise that you are not interested in the old ways that once convinced you what life and living was really about. Instead you’ll choose to go with what isn’t familiar to you and what even appears to be scary for you but what is also at the same time true for you.


Don’t be too eager to get from here to there dear Capricorn, it’s important that you take your time so that you don’t miss any of the steps in front of you. It’s the steps that you need to get you to rise out of your story. You’ll need to really remember to keep your feet on the ground around the 14th of the month as this will be a time where you’ll be making some pretty big decisions in your life and it’s going to be very important for you to be present and grounded. You’ll feel that you are really getting through the lists that you put together and you’ll find yourself creating so much more space as this happens. A feeling of great delight moves through you on the 18th of the month and you’ll feel to share a part of your heart with someone that is in your life and this will enable both of you to go to places you’ve never been to. I feel that during this time it will be important for you to remain in your heart so that you are not getting lost in the need to know games. As you step towards the end of the month you’ll find yourself choosing love over fear over and over again and perhaps you’ll realise that this is something that you’ll be doing more often than not.


There is no need for you to be afraid dear Aquarius and allow me to remind you that things are not always what they seem. I am saying this to you so that you remember not to fall for the stories and use the stories to support you, and this is when you are in your power. I feel that you’ll choose a new direction in your life around the 10th of the month and this new direction will bring much success with it. It feels to me that this new direction has many open doors for you and you’ll find yourself being able to walk through it with ease and grace. A feeling of great contentment will take place around the 13th of the month and it’ll be on this particular day that you’ll find yourself really moving through the old stories. You’ll feel more pleased with yourself this month as your choices become more clear and clear to you and for you. Someone in your life will present you with an amazing opportunity around the 23rd of the month and it’ll be a great idea for you to remember that it its your manifestation. Please don’t get caught up in the other person, they are simply playing a role for you. You’ll find your power around the 27th of the month and this is when you’ll put your foot down, and all I can say is that it’s about time you put your foot down. You’ll feel to move forward with a relationship in your life around this time also and it’s most certainly to your benefit as well as the other, enjoy.


There is more love than words can possibly describe dear Pisces and it feels to me that this is the month of love for you in more ways than just one. It seems that you’ll really be up and running from the beginning of the month as your life falls into place just the way you want it to. Please make sure your feet are on the ground and that you continue to bring your attention to the here and now as it will be so very easy for you to become distracted by all the great changes and life falling into place. Some wonderful news comes your way around the 4th of the month, and yes this is the news you have been waiting to hear, what you do with this news is what really enables you to meet with your intuition on a whole new level. Around the 17th of the month you’ll find yourself stepping into some very powerful ideas and you’ll realise that the potential of these ideas are beyond your imagination. I feel that you’ll really get a handle on what you love around this time and you’ll feel to show up in a way that is very attractive. It seems that you no longer care to be in the needy side of things and this is when the tables turn and what you would have once been chasing, will now be chasing you so to speak. Around the 24th of the month you’ll be introduced to a new person in your life that will be incredibly supportive to the role you are playing at work. As the month comes to an end an amazing amount of love becomes expressed to you, so much so you won’t know what to do with it.

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