A Grand Love Story

Christine Hassler

There is a new generation of spiritual leaders rising up through the ranks. I mingle with them, speak to them often, befriend them, interview them about their journeys, their greatest life learnings, how they find inner peace in a crazy world, and what their version of a spiritual practice is. They are on the journey of life with me, and I love that. I had the pleasure of interviewing Christine Hassler last Friday, just hours after she stepped off the plane in Sydney. She is one of them. Christine has nothing in terms of years on Deepak, Wayne and Louise, but in her short 36 years she has lived. Christine is a trained life coach with a full practice since 2004. She has her Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, is certified in NLP and hypnosis, authored two best selling personal growth books… and blah, blah… done heaps of other cool things. But it’s her life experience that makes her compelling speaker and the spiritual practice and relationship she has developed with the world around her that makes her an interesting role model for us all. She has been dumped, dealt with huge financial debt, healed an “undiagnosable” auto immune disorder, overcome depression after being medicated for 20 years, and experienced divorce at 33… to now live a life full of happiness, love, success, connection, and well-being.

LeeA Grand Love Story

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