Five Ways To Beat Monday-itis

It doesn’t take a genious to know that body, mind and soul are inextricably connected. What you do to one, feeds into the other. While food is the main factor impacting on your physical well being, thoughts are a key driver of your emotional reality.

I recently interviewed Cheryl Richardson for my favourite national newspaper liftout, body+soul. She is a stunning human being and the co-author of You Can Create An Exceptional Life (Hay House), a book she wrote with Hayhouse founder Louise Hay. It focuses largely on how we can reprogram our thoughts to improve our emotional experience of each day.

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5 ways to feel fabulous before 9am
First appeared in body and soul | 19 August

A simple way to boost your state of mind is to focus on your thoughts. By Eloise King

1) Make your first thought a good one

Awareness is critical for change. “The minute you become aware you’re thinking unsupportive thoughts, you have the opportunity to change,” says Cheryl Richardson, co-author of You Can Create An Exceptional Life (Hay House).

+ Where to start: What is your first thought in the morning? Is it: “I want to go back to sleep” or “I hate my job”? “Those thoughts impact on your day,” Richardson says.

+ What to do: Thank your bed for a good night’s sleep when you wake up, Richardson says. “This reorients how you start your day.”

2) Create positive morning rituals 

“The energy we put out into the world absolutely affects our state of mind and quality of life,” Richardson says. “By ruminating about problems as you get ready for your day, you are only giving them more power.”

+ Where to start: Take note of your inner commentary amid the morning rituals.

+ What to do: Be thankful that you have clean hot water for your morning shower and appreciate that you are able to create a healthy breakfast. …READ MORE

LeeFive Ways To Beat Monday-itis

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