Download cool music for free & feed 10 hungry Aussies in just one click. Whoa!

By Eloise King

My goodness, we had a good time at Soul Sessions on Sunday, connecting and sharing wisdoms about life, John Lennon, Buddhism and more with special guests Jenny Kee and ex-monk of Buddhist awesomeness Dorje Walker.

There was so much awesome connectedness around… some planned… some spontaneous… including a very special pop up performance by the enchanting chanter Nadav Khan. I can’t recommend his album OM enough if you’re looking for some calming and conscious tunes to float around in your home or office. It’s been on repeat at Soul Sessions HQ all week as I work.

Humble as pie, however, Nadav was keenest to introduce us all to a different album he has been collaborating on with Sydney based songwriter APPLEONIA, aka his wife Jessica Chapnik Kahn. It’s called ‘OH’ (OM & OH… so cute!) and was an experiment that Ben Lee and Appleonia began recording in Lee’s home in Los Angeles.

It features musical contributions by many other amazing artists including Ian Ball (Gomez), Nic Johns (The Motels), El May and of course Nadav Kahn… which answers to the question posed in the subject line of this blog.

And here comes the BEST bit… you can download it here FOR FREE here now!

And the bit that is EVEN BETTER than THE BEST bit I mentioned above, is that with every download, Vittoria Coffee will donate the equivalent of 10 meals to OzHarvest, the charity that rescues excess food from restaurants and other food outlets and delivers it to vulnerable Australians.

Which means, when you download OH, you personally will be helping to feed 10 hungry Aussies just by clicking on the link below. If you alone can do that, imagine what the many, many thousands of us who are connected through Soul Sessions can do together with just one click? The mind boggles!

“This model is so fun for me,” says Appleonia.

“Everyone gets to be a part of a generous process. I get to share my music, Vittoria Coffee essentially buys you an album, OzHarvest feeds more people, and audiences get to receive and give by downloading the record.”

‘OH’ is available from Appleonia’s website for a limited time only and I am so very proud to be supporting this initiative through Soul Sessions… especially knowing that Nadav has put his energy into it too.

I was so grateful to have Nadav and his beautiful sounds at Soul Sessions last Sunday. It’s the talent, presence and generosity of so many people that make session days so beautiful.

So, I do hope you find the value in downloading album OH for free, so together we can support Nadav and his wife Appleonia in making more beautiful music, and even if just a percentage of you choose to download, we as a Soul Sessions collective can perhaps support more than 10, 20 or even 50,000 hungry Aussies to have food in their bellies.

It all starts here with 1 click! Om. Oh. Om. And now one big open-hearted Ahhhhhhh to finsih off with :)

Love. Love. Love.

LeeDownload cool music for free & feed 10 hungry Aussies in just one click. Whoa!

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