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I am SO excited.

Soul Sessions is launching in New York later this year (think September) and embarking on a US tour of the best speakers and venues, all to be captured on film for our video library of course. Cities and dates will be announced très soon because all of our friends – that’s you – are invited to gallivant across the U.S. with us too!

In order to stay open to receiving all the amazing treasures the Universe has in store for the Soul Sessions community, I know I need to be firing on all cylinders and be as energetically clean as possible.

With Momentum for Life I’ve done a lot of wonderful work already around cleaning up my diet to be mostly whole foods, grass fed meats and almost no grains. I have continued to drink two coffees a day and alcohol two nights per week (sometimes three), and the time has now come to take the cleaning up to the deeper level of cleanse.

To do that, I spent some time with esteemed naturopath Anthia Kollouros over the weekend. She is also a homeopath, herbalist, nutritionist and organic and lifestyle educator with 20 years experience… and so, so gorgeous and lovely.

The plan was to orchestrate an eight week system cleanse, fully supported by organic medicinal herbs, that starts by stripping the bad bacteria from my gut. The next cleanse phase moves on to seed the body with good gut bacteria and then systematically cleanse the kidneys, liver, lymphatic system and more.

That sounds about right to me.

As I sat with Anthia, I became very pleased with myself for dedicating the night before to diving in and out of great Sydney eat and drink holes… David Chocran’s Drink Better Wine,  Bodega owned-and-cheffed by rockabillies Ben Milgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz, and even a touch of El Loco, Hemmes’ Mexican Cantini, for a sneaky margarita in between.

I really do love to be out amongst it, usually with a drink in my hand, but turns out that will be my last big foodie stomp for a while.

Gaz Lowe’s Intuitive Horoscopes announced early this year that 2012 (anyone noticed it is flying past) is the Year of Dedication for Aquarians, like me. So, in dedication to my life’s work and full potential, my eight week cleanse starts today.

In short, it means:


No inflammatory, processed, sugary, starchy foods. No dairy, no grains, no legumes.

A very important part of the first two weeks is to avoid any foods that contain yeast or fungus, as these foods will continue to feed any bad belly bacteria. They include what’s below:

  • Beer, cider and all alcohol
  • Yeasted bread & crackers etc
  • Malt beverages MSG (often extracted from autolyzed yeast extract or from wheat)
  • Stock Cubes or premade stocks
  • Coffee substitutes that contain malt or yeas
  • B vitamin supplements with yeast extract
  • Marmite, Promite or Vegemite
  • Mouldy cheeses eg blue vein, camembert, brie
  • Left over foods more than 3 days
  • Pistachios, peanuts and cashews (HOLD MOULD)
  • Mushrooms


No sugary drinks, no alcohol and no caffeine. Eek.


Drink 5mL of a putrid-tasting but healing herbal tonic, 15 mins before each meal.

In two weeks time I am due back at Anthia’s Paddington clinic to assess the level of bad bugs (or dysbiosis) in my system with a Urinary Indican Test. Then, I move into stage two of the cleanse for some deeper work again.

I’m tuning up, so stay tuned.

Next post: more on what I can eat

LeeDetox for New York

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