Confessions of an Ex Cortisol Junkie

Project: C.H.E.K Your Health

A while ago I made a decision to quit cortisol. It came when 18 months of a crazy-stupid juggling act between my salary-job, new business Soul Sessions, motherhood and life became all too much.

I was tired, stressed, over-worked and not enjoying my life a whole lot anymore. How are you feeling in your work-life routine? It’s a good opportunity to check in.

As I reached my tipping point, something had to give. After fifteen years of employment, what ‘gave’ was my salary-job as a journalist working for Australia’s largest selling newspaper. I quit, just like that.

What I expected to follow was calm after the storm. What actually came was an enormous need for sleep, some flu-like symptoms, loss of 90 per cent of my taste (so weird) and eventually a diagnosis of adrenal fatigue.

It seems stopping is what allowed my body to reveal what was really going on.

Recognising the need to meet me where I’m at, my Momentum for Life trainer (with a pornstar name) Leila Lutz has taken me off all physical exertion. Why? It cranks up your cortisol levels and puts extra and unwanted stress on the adrenals.

Instead, I’ve been given a new program of C.H.E.K zone exercises to do. They are much slower, breath focused and all about cultivating chi in my energy centres so I can get back to full health in time to hit New York come June.

Watch the video and you’ll know what I’ll be doing tomorrow morning… and every morning after that for a while.


It’s interesting to note that flogging yourself with high intensity work outs is not the only way to lose weight. In fact, my gal Leila will tell you it’s probably the worst approach you can take.

Over the past four months I’ve been doing less-intensive but more-controlled exercise than ever before… and I’ve lost seven kilos!

What type of exercise regime is right for you right now? If you are flogging yourself on a regular basis, it might help to ask yourself whether it is tied to an underlying and perhaps even unconscious need to punish yourself.

Or perhaps it is the only thing that helps you to connect with your emotions and feel… well… anything. Pain, for many, can be a better option than nothing or numb. At least it lets you know that you’re alive.

Health is such an amazing journey. Does any of this resonate? Have you got a similar story? I’d be interested to know about it…

LeeConfessions of an Ex Cortisol Junkie

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