Coaching Session – Fast Growth Moves

Project: Loral Langemeier Coaching

They call Loral Langemeier The Millionaire Maker. She’s now my business coach.  That alone is pretty exciting so I’m keen to find out where she’s going to take me on this ride.

In our first fifteen minute skype coaching session (6.15am) she delivers me my first bit of homework: to submit what she calls a GAP analysis – the difference between where the business currently is and where we want it to be – so we can build the right kind of bridge together.

She also identified a mistake we’ve already made. Hindsight is a beautiful (read: painful) thing.

“Most people are out there putting all their time and money into something – a book or product – before taking it to market,” she says. “I recommend people ask the market first what they want and then pre-sell it so you’re making money before it’s even out,” Loral says. “That’s how I do it. That’s called launching rich.”

Ouch. At Soul Sessions we have put all of our resources into building the video library before releasing it to the market last month. In other words, we launched poor. Boo-hoo.

Okay then. That’s our first f%£k up. So what now?


“You must identify your fast cash growth moves,” she says. “You need money coming in the door in two weeks time – not ten, when the marketing campaign has kicked in. So the next important step is to identify your natural skill set and take it to market to be of service to people, today. What can you do?”

“Umm,” I said, “I can write clean and punchy copy, Charlie can design websites (like this one) and build apps, our programmers can code the back end, and our good man Paul can shoot, direct and edit corporate videos like no other to show case any business – small or large.”

OMG. I never thought to look at our skills like that before but it’s obvious that we can deliver the whole package, and do it well.

“Great,” she said. “That’s a really valuable skill set. You can get out there and service businesses looking to either build a website or reinvigorate their existing one.”

Uh-huh. Just like that. That’s 25 years of business experience talking right there. I must admit, however,  that I wasn’t convinced it would be that easy to convert that into business, quickly.


So, here’s the really interesting thing.

Within 12 hours we had our first client; Justine McKell Media, a progressive PR agency looking to modernise their site and bring in an internationally appealing vibe.

Within 24 hours, we were staring at our second big potential client; more to be revealed once the deal has been signed.

This is so cool. I would never have thought to think that laterally about what we can offer the world through the Soul Sessons team’s skill set. The thing, though, is that I’m really excited about it because I know we can do it brilliantly.

The thing I have always loved about working as a journalist, is the leg up I could offer people and businesses doing great things by telling the world about them with careful choice of words and emotional connectivity. I love supporting people to really shine.

That’s the energy Soul Sessions will take into creating and repackaging people’s websites.  I’m excited.

Question: What fast growth moves can you put in your business?

LeeCoaching Session – Fast Growth Moves

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