Can You Handle NOT Knowing?

By Power Living Yogi Keenan Crisp

Often, in my workshops and teacher trainings, I ask students, “is there anyone who really knows what is going on?” … meaning, who knows the answer to: Where did we come from? What is our purpose? Where do we go when it’s all over, red rover?

To date, no one has put up their hand.

I still remember the day, fondly, when I realised that the only thing I know for sure, is that I don’t really know the answers at all! I later discovered Socrates said the same thing; “the one thing I know, is that I don’t know.” Smart fella, that Socrates.

The moment I realised that I actually truly don’t know anything for sure, I felt quite liberated all of a sudden, in that all the things that I thought I knew, had to achieve, had to gain, needed see and do before I die etc. seemed to lose their power over me. I mean, if I don’t know anything for sure, then how do I know that they are the right things to be chasing?

Today, however, man and woman is still searching outwardly, trying to gain as much knowledge as possible – for the purpose of what, I ask? To improve his well being perhaps, so she can live longer, gain more material things along the way or even to realise the Truth about life, death and the universe? A silly quest I now (NOT) know, for looking outwards only shows us that there is more that we don’t know.

Some might argue that just as our dreams feel unreal to us in our waking world, our physical world might be an illusion as well. How do you actually know that you are not just stillness, and all material things before you are but projections of light upon the mirror of your mind?

I now (NOT) know that I don’t know anything for sure… not even that “I AM”, for in deep sleep I don’t know if I actually exist at all. Hmmm…

So, what then is the value in NOT knowing? In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Truth can only be realised by stilling the fluctuations of the mind. If we can value NOT knowing, then the outward search for knowledge, meaning, happiness can cease. Instead, we can find happiness every day, in every moment, inside of ourselves, anywhere we may be, by giving up the grasping for, or rejecting of experiences. We can learn to live in the moment surrendered to NOT knowing what is next, and take what works today for today, without concern for past or the future.

When we value NOT knowing, we are able to stay calm under all conditions, no longer carried away by the whims of the mind. All of a sudden, the stories that the mind inflicts on us through its colourful use of imagination, memory and projections lose their power… because, it’s more valuable to NOT know than to know.

So ask yourself, can YOU allow the show to flow without knowing? To not grasp at life events, nor push experiences away that cross your path? By knowing that we don’t know, we can allow whatever comes our way, to come… and whatever wants to go, to go!

An exercise in not knowing:

1. Sit by yourself somewhere and at a time when you will not be interrupted for an hour or two. Sit comfortably, with spine up right and as much of your lower body surface on the floor as possible. Alternatively sit on the edge of a chair with your feet flat.

2. Ask yourself these questions over and over, be absolutely honest with each answer. Question your answers over and over again.

i. Who am I? Who is the I? Who is the ‘my’ when I say ‘my’ body?
ii. Where did I come from?
iii. Where do I go?
iv. What do I now for sure?

Interestingly, Vedanta, which much of yoga philosophy stems from, means Veda (knowledge) + Anta (end of) = End of Knowledge. It’s more than okay to NOT know. In fact, it’s liberating!

So give up your attachment to having to know all things. Let it go, to get in flow!.. and InJoy this amazing life with awe and wonder.

Soul Sessions salutes Keenan Crisp, Power Living yogi

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LeeCan You Handle NOT Knowing?

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