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Dr Dain Heer

For many years, Dr. Dain Heer worked as a Network Chiropractor in California. Today, he travels the world facilitating advanced classes on Access Consciousness. His work opens people up to a deeper level of knowing around what they were born to be, an acceptance of all that they are and guidance towards complete presence. With this comes truly dynamic possibilities for healing and the energetic transformation it affords can be fast. Dr. Heer hosts a regular radio show called Conversations in Consciousness. His latest book, Being You, Changing the World, was published in June 2011. He comes to Soul Sessions to convince you that all you need to be is you.

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How many of you at some point in your life you’ve got to a place where you wanted to die?

Quite a few people and about 50 percent more than are not raising their hands, okay. And I get it. That’s where I was 12 years ago because I was at the place where I had the friggin perfect life. I mean except for all kinds of money, I mean, that was the only thing I’m still really struggling with, okay? Because it would come in and it would go and I was like, “Wait! it was just here a minute ago. Where the hell did it go? Yeah, oh my God!”. See, I even join puberty again as the money went away. “Where did it go? I don’t know. What happened? What happened?”, you know? But basically, I mean, here I was living in Santa Barbara, this beautiful place; here I was starting my second chiropractic practice; here I was I had this girlfriend, we were on the track to marriage and everybody used to tell me “Oh you have such a perfect life” and every time they said that I sank even more because I was like “No, I don’t”. If it’s a perfect life to have all this shit that looks really cool from the outside but you’re dying inside, is that really a perfect life? No. And what I’m here to let you know is… so well, let me tell you what happened ‘coz probably maybe that might help some of you.

What happened was I got to the place where I was so tired of waking up depressed and unhappy I said, “Universe, look you got six months. Either my life changes or I’m killing myself”. I’ve tried AK, I’ve tried TBM, I’ve tried soul memory discovery work, I’ve tried NLP, I tried from nutrition to spiritual work to energy work to psychology to NLP to every friggin thing. I mean I was like lighting incense, I mean you should’ve seen me saging my house, okay? “Okay Dain, here’s what you need to do. Okay, now the green sage is okay but what you need is the white sage. Here’s what you do, kay? You live in Santa Barbara (yes, I do), now go to the mountains, there’s the white sage there and what you do is you say this prayer and this prayer in this direction and I’m like “I don’t know what the f*ckin directions are. I hope I’m doing the thing right. Okay East and I say this and I say this to the sun and I say this to the moon, you know? That was the moon” and then pick and cut the white sage at the proper time and go home and sage your house” and I’ve friggin saged my house so much the smoke alarm went off. My apartment manager came over like, “What is going on? There’s smoke coming out of your windows!” and I’m like, “I’m cleansing my energy.” you know? But at that time in my life, I probably sound kinda funny right now, not like the smartest person you wanna listen to but it was like at that time in my life I was looking for anything and so many people out there had these answers. Whether they went, “Oh. If you do the sage the right way then the entities, the energies will go” but they didn’t friggin work. I thought “Oh! It feels really nice in here. I couldn’t breath.” Like literally. I kinda got down closer to the floor coz the smoke rises and I’m like, “Okay it feels really peaceful, it’s holy awesome in here right now. It’s awesome. I love the peace”, you know?

It’s like you know there’s so many things that people tell us that are supposed to work here because they give us their answer coz they’re like oh this and this and this because this is what’s wrong with you, none of it worked for me and I’m so glad I had some of those insane experiences, you know? It’s like between the sage and the patchouli, you shoulda smelled my friggin apartment. People walk in and they’re like “Are you doing some experiments or something?” and I’m like, “No, I’m cleansing my energy”. And so the reason I’m saying this coz I know so many of us have done so many things and what I’d like you to realize is that it’s not you that’s wrong, k? What if there’s a different set of tools available as a possibility that will change things, that will take what this sweet beautiful woman found out and bring it into our friggin reality. Because if it stays in that realm and it stays in that reality, what does that change about our reality? How many of you have sensed that things are increasing as the year 2012 approaches? Yeah, quite about right. Yeah, me too, same thing. I’m like “Ooh baby, stuff is having a little faster now”. What if what’s actually happening is the limitations of the past, the limitations connected to time because one thing that’s interesting that, well several things that are interesting, that she said but one that I’ll talk about is she said “when we’re connected to time, we create all these limitations that don’t have to be”. Now, she said in the other realm, you don’t have to connect the time. I’m like, you know what? I like that. What if we don’t have to connect to it here? What if we could have a totally different awareness of reality here? Some of you right now were trying to get out your bodies, some of you are creating a disease you can get out and I totally get it. My disease was going to be a way of ending my own life, let’s put it that way.

What happened for me was I saw a little ad in the paper that said “Access. All of life comes with ease and joy and glory. Call Shannon” and I was like, “Did that say kill Shannon? I think it did coz ease and joy and glory. My life was based in freaking glory! You don’t know my life is like!” And so literally, I’m flipping through this independent paper in Santa Barbara and I grabbed the paper and I’ve thrown it away. And I’m flipping to the same paper the following week and I came across this little two-line classified ad, the cheapest friggin ad anybody can buy in the world, okay? And it said, “Access. All of life comes with ease and joy and glory. Call Shannon” and I was like, “Kill Shannon!” And I was like… but I realize long before that that if you love something or hated for something, they’re there for you so I called her and I made an appointment and when I was on the phone with her I said, “Okay, so let me ask you this. What the heck is it that you do?” she said, “Doing access” and I said, “That doesn’t freakin help me. What do you do?” she said, “Well, we do all kinds of stuff but one of the places we might start is with this thing called the bars which is this 32 points on the head and when you hold ’em she’s like the electromagnetic component of fat goes away”. I’m like, “The hell does that mean? What are you talking about?” she’ said, “Well, do you know about the positive and negative stuff? You know if you’re feeling positive and you’re feeling negative?” I’m like, “Yeah, that’s my life”, she went, “It goes away.” I went, “Really?” and it struck something in me and kind of open my heart a little bit and I went, “Okay, so what’s the effect?” and she said, “Well at the worst, you’ll feel like you had a good massage. At the best, your whole life will change.” And in the back of my head I’m going, “My whole life better change or I’m killing myself. What do I have to lose?”.

So I go and have a session with this girl and I’m laying down on my own table, in my own office that is smaller than this friggin room. Right, hey, it’s quite the office man… Doctor Dain here. The second practice is in a closet. Okay good. And I lay down and the thing is I traded these sessions with her because I couldn’t afford them at that time. I lay down, she puts her hands on my head and I’m giggling like a little kid and she moves her hands and I start giggling. Until an hour and 50 minutes later I get up and I’m like “Oh my God. I don’t have to kill myself. The space I have been looking for my whole life actually exists on this f*ckin planet. By the way, if you have a problem with the four-letter word, the F word, the f*ck word, I apologize. So everything that makes that a judgeable offense in your world. Everywhere you were told that you were wrong for saying it so you need to make other people wrong for saying it which by the way, is the way judgment works. Judgment rolls downhill, you know what I mean? When you’re made wrong for something then you have to make other people wrong for you to prove that you got it right when they were judging you for it. So now you’re not wrong for it so they don’t have to chew you for it anymore, when you’re a person of it you have to make it wrong because judgment rolls downhill. Everything that is; times a Godzillion will you destroy and un-create it please. Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds and what I just did is something called a clearing statement.

What is a clearing statement? What does a clearing statement do? It changes shit. Okay? It’s basically like that. It’s like I call up something like the judgment rolling downhill and it brings up an energy in your world. Do you notice? And what happens is or I say the word f*ck, it brings up another energy in your world. And you gotta be able to be in the presence of anybody saying anything and have it not faze you. You gotta be like, “Okay if you must say f*ck because that’s what you need to do. Okay fine. If you must be mean because coz that’s what you need to do. Okay fine.” There should be nothing that makes you put up your dukes and get the hackles on the back of your neck standing up. K? And what this does is change it so none of that has to occur. When you function from that and so the way it works is we’re asking the energy to go back in time, to where you put in place this block, this limitation, this thing that’s stopping you, this thing that’s ticking you, this thing that’s making you go into judgment and dissolve it. It’s basically we say something or I’ll say something, we could say something if we wanted to but since I’m talking I’ll say something, it’ll bring up something and then it’s like a big vacuum cleaner that goes *sucking noise* bye. Like that. That’s really what it does. Okay? Haven’t you wanted a vacuum cleaner for the crap in your life? I mean, really, how many have you knew when you were little kids you oughta be able to go “Presto Changeo!” and change stuff? How many have you? The rest of you? Are you kidding me? I mean really? You haven’t thought that in your life or you’re too politically proper when you’re in public to raise your hand for something like that? Which is it? K. Cool. So everything doesn’t like to have the joy of raising your hand and making a complete ass of yourself and enjoying it. Will you destroy and uncreate it please. Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds. And if you feel I’m making you wrong for not raising your hand please know I’m not. It’s just that you have something to contribute to this world whether you acknowledge it or not you have something to contribute, you have something to gift, you have something that’s a possibility and it may be that you’ve not been invited to it, it may be that you’ve made yourself like, “No, you know what? I’m just gonna hang back here coz I’m so tired of being judged by people”. But you know what? You have something to contribute.

Wow! that’s awesome. That was cool. And you may not know what it is but what if you could ask that it could awaken tonight somehow. Everything that is; times a Godzillion; will you destroy and uncreate it please? Okay so Access Consciousness is the work that I do and literally after this first session, my life not only started changing but then the girl that I did the session with started giving me tools and it started helping me in the trenches of life. And one other thing she said was ninety percent of your thoughts, feelings and emotions don’t belong to you and if you’re willing to ask this question “who does this belong to?” when you’re in the middle of your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your judgments, your traumas, your dramas. She said if it lightens up at all it’s not yours, just return it to sender. And I’m like, “But I don’t know who that is?” she went, “ninety percent of it you won’t know who it is. Just return it to whoever it belongs to coz if it’s not yours you can’t do anything about it.”

How many of you has spent your lives buried in other people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions thinking they were yours?

Everything that is; times a Godzillion; will you destroy and uncreate it please? Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.

Oh by the way, this clearing statement, all you have to do is say all the weird stuff Dain said last night and it still works. Or you can say POD and POC which is basically the essence of it and it still works. POD and POC. P.O.D and P.O.C all that. Okay? And it still works and what this is about is you having the capacity to change things in your life you want to change. K? Because from my point of view what we need is the awareness that change is possible. The awareness that we can change the things we wanted to change. That probably a lot of us have really tried to change and we’re so tired of friggin trying to change it because the stuff we’ve tried that people said this will definitely work didn’t actually work. That makes sense? Okay cool.

So okay would you like to come up? The question is have you had enough to drink to come up? Okay so I asked about changing, that is one possibility, there may be something else or…

So here’s the way I start every session usually and usually every class I do and blah blah blah and at this point it’s like so busy traveling around the world delivering classes that it’s like it’s this interesting thing to see how people in this part of the world and people in this part of the world people and this part, oh yeah, people all over the world have such a similar sense (in the background: alcohol problem.). That’s what I was going to say. Exactly. And Sweden too or Denmark. They’re not only drunken, they’re angry. It’s really interesting. It’s like an awesome combo. Here in Australia, you know you’re like drunk “Hey…No worries mate.”, you know? But in Denmark and they’re drunk and angry, it’s like not a good combo. So but in all parts of the world it’s like people are looking for the tools to actually change things. So in addition to this whole drinking thing we’ve talked about, how much have you had? No, just kidding. But here’s the thing, her normal personality’s like “Hey! How are you doing? Good to see you! Nice to see you!”, you know? She’s just like a big kid. Right? A really hot, beautiful kid, okay? Like a big kid. I mean, what if your personality is your big kid could be there a lot more of the time? Would it make more fun to be alive? Okay, so where have you given that up? Where have you decided that kid can’t exist because somewhere it was made wrong? Somewhere, somebody didn’t validate it. Somewhere, somebody totally invalidated it and tried to destroy you in the process ‘cause they’d killed their kid long before you ever came along.

Will you destroy and un-create all that please, times a Godzillion. Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds. So in addition to the whole drinking thing, if you get anything outta this, what would it be? Breathing more fresh air, put it that way. Cause Eloise is saying I do this before ‘cause I smoke. Okay let’s change it, let’s make it loving myself and no judgment. That would be great thing to get out of this.

Okay that, loving myself and no judgment, what if we all had that? I mean imagine if you woke up tomorrow and there were no judgment of you or anyone or anything in your world at all (I could have a drink at nine o’clock). I’m totally gonna change the tag line to the work I do: Access Consciousness, making the world safe for alcoholics. Awesome. It’ll totally work, I’m sure about this. Are you kidding? Please keep the jokes coming. See, ‘cause of the jokes…what would we do with no more jokes? I mean I know there are times when we’re supposed to be serious but they’re not nearly as many as we try to make our lives, you know?

What if your life was actually about the lightness of it and the joys and the possibilities that could exist? And what if it’s no longer a wrongness to actually have that? And what if you having that creates a change in the world? And if you notice, if you were to have more of that it will create more of a change in the world. Yeah, I would. The world will be happier place. Are you where the world needs to be a more happy place? It’s like, I’m sorry seven billion of us unhappy and pissed off? It doesn’t really do much for the planet, you know what I mean? I mean they’ve done numerous scientific studies and they found that if you direct anger at a plant you kill it, if you drag judgment at a plant you kill it. What the heck do you think it does to the earth to have seven billion of us being angry and judgmental or sad so much of the time? We’re killing this beautiful living thing that is underneath our feet that desires to gift to us more than anything else you can imagine and we act like it’s a dead rock and we don’t receive anything from it.

So let me ask a question just because we can. Right now, would you be willing to undo what doesn’t allow you to receive and doesn’t allow your body to receive from this beautiful planet of ours? It’s got a thrum, it’s got a vibration and that vibration is the same vibration your body should have. Can you imagine right now, if you were to tap into your biggest best friend called the earth and not ever let that connection go again? Everything that doesn’t allow it. Everything that doesn’t know your body to dance to the beat of this beautiful drummer called our planet. Everything that makes you think you’re gonna have to think about it and figure out how. There is no how. The universe’s job is to provide the how. You just ask, you POD and POC and then you receive. And POD and POC is Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds. But you don’t have to say all that, you just go POD and POC. So everything that doesn’t allow you and your body to connect with this beautiful planet, to receive from it and to receive its energy and vibration, will you destroy and uncreate it please. Times a Godzillion. And a godzillion by the way is a number so big only God knows. Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds. Thank you POD and POC, P.O.D and P.O.C. And I notice that in several countries where I travel, it doesn’t matter what I say because the accent translates it anyway so spelling it often helps. So it’s P.O.D and P.O.C. If you want an explanation of it, I’m giving you the quick explanation: it goes back and changes the past so that there’s a different present and a different future. On my website, if you go to the free stuff section… you might get arrested. Apparently, you’re weird enough to draw the cops. That’s awesome! Yes! Cool! Did you scoot over? Sweety, I understand, I’m sweaty too. We have something in common. Yeah, exactly. Hmm I wonder what that means.

So the good thing is if I’m loving myself and no judgment then everyone in the room’s getting it? Yep. So I lie face down? I think you’re doing okay. Yeah, face down. You might want to take your shoes off if you would please. You might wanna take the dress off.

So one of the things that happened was I started… so I was this chiropractor doing my thing and after I’ve done a couple of the beginning Access classes, the founder of access asked for a session in my office and I was like “Oh shit!” I was insecure about myself as a chiropractor, okay? And here he comes like “Hey, I want to do a session.” and I’m like “Really? Don’t you wanna go to somebody else?”, you know? and up he said, “Look, the first…” and by the way, would you be willing to receive everything that’s possible? Not just the thing about drinking but the thing about living and actually enjoying you? Actually seeing the beauty of you? Not just the physical beauty but the being that you be? The gift you are to the world? Thank you. times a Godzillion. Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds. And so what happened was he said, “Look…” I was doing that network chiropractic at that time and there are three levels of care, and he said, “You need to go straight to the third level because the first two don’t work on me” and on my head I’m going “Oh sh*t!” because I’d never started studying that level so I had no idea what to do. And he said, “Look, just ask my body, follow the energy, you’ll know what to do” and I was like, “Me? You have no idea who I am. I’m like the red-headed stepchild of every technique I’ve ever done.”. I was the guy who was in such judgment of me, no matter what I did I was like “I’m a dummy. Okay, okay, thank you very much”. Like I’d go to these network seminars where this really nice doctor would be like, “Do you feel the rapport here in the body and they’d go like this?”, I put my hand and go “Oh yeah. Oh I totally feel it here.” And they’d be like, “Uhm Dain the rapport’s down here” and I’d be like, “Oh what I meant was I feel it right here”, you know? It’s like I had no idea what they were talking about so I was this red-headed stepchild, you know? I felt like I couldn’t do anything right. And so I work on him and I’m standing at one point about 15 feet away from him and he starts flopping on the table like a fish and my hand is in the air and I literally, and his face down so he can’t see me so he’s not making this up, you know what I mean? Not like “hey let me make this guy feel good about himself”. He has no idea what I’m doing and I turn my head to the left and he lifts his head and turn it. To the left, the other left, the right left. Yeah. Then I lift my head and turn to the right and he lifts his head and turns to the right. I’m like “what the hell is going on here?”. And I realize that because always before I thought you had to actually touch somebody to create a connection, you have to touch somebody’s body to create results and I realized as I’m standing 15 feet away from him that’s not the case. So what’s the theme of tonight? Being you right?

So let me ask you a question: if you were truly being you who would you be?

Everything that doesn’t allow that to show up will you destroy and un-create it please? Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.

If you were truly being you what would you be? (Yourself) What’s that? (yourself) Yeah…whatever that is. Everything that doesn’t allow that times a Godzillion, will you destroy and un-create it please. Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.

If you’re truly being you where would you be? Here and everywhere. Everything that doesn’t allow that times a Godzillion, will you destroy and un-create it please. Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.

If you’re truly being you when would you be? Now and wherever, whenever. Everything that doesn’t allow that times a Godzillion, will you destroy and un-create it please. Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.

If you’re truly being you why and how would you be? Everything that doesn’t allow that times a Godzillion, will you destroy and un-create it please. Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.

Know one of the biggest things that is in the way of you being you? Your judgments. Every time you judge you take yourself away from being you. How many judgments have you done of you just today? Maybe more than a few so everything that is times a Godzillion, will you destroy and un-create it please. Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.

So do me a favor, everybody close your eyes please. And if you would be willing to, if you are willing to allow all of your judgments of you to simply float away for a little bit, just for a little while, just for a few minutes, just maybe for the remainder of tonight while you’re here. Don’t worry you can pick them all back up as you leave if you want to. Your choice. Because I know how fun it is to fit in by judging you, it’s awesome. We make sure you’re not nearly as weird and different as you actually are. We allow the barriers that you usually called up around you to keep you separate, to keep you socially appropriate, to keep you being the right person you’re supposed to be. Will you lower those for a moment? Thank you. And we allow your body to receive what I’m sharing with her body even if it makes no sense and it’s just a choice.

And what is the one or two things that you’ve wanted to change that you haven’t ever told anybody, maybe including you?

And what is it that would actually allow it to change that you’ve never known and never been able to receive that might be possible to open up and receive now? Everything that doesn’t allow it can we together please destroy and uncreate it. Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.

And would you just for a couple more minutes keep your eyes closed and just notice what you’re noticing in your body and if you’re able to receive some of this energy that I’m sharing with her. What if we’re like drops in the ocean? But what if rather than us being a drop realizing there’s an ocean? What if we’re simultaneously aware of us as the drop and us as the ocean?

What would you change and what would you ask for if you could have anything from tonight?

How many have you have decided that you don’t really care that much about change? You’re not really caring that much about change in the world because it seem like an impossible task for far too long. Seems like there’s too much to change so if you can just get your part and died before things get too bad it’ll be okay. Everything that is times a Godzillion, will you destroy and un-create it please. So we have a fighting chance. Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.

Would you be willing to allow me to contribute some change to your world that may allow you to know more of you? Yes? 1, 2, 3. Thank you.

So whenever you’re ready you can open your eyes but allow yourself to have soft focus rather than staring up here to try to figure out if anything’s going on. So one of the things that I found when working on someone was it’s like they sit on the table as one person I say, “Hey! If you could have anything out of this, what will it be? And basically what they say is “I’d like to be here” and I’m like “Okay”. So somehow the energy starts and just by both of us together going “Okay, cool. Let’s go there”. And the energy starts and then what would happen is that I come up to a barrier and I come up to a place where they decided they couldn’t do it or decided they were wrong or decided they weren’t enough or decided there wasn’t enough or decided there wasn’t a possibility. And what I always used to do is I used to go and “Oh my God! What am I doing wrong? Why is this not happening? Why am I too stupid? Why don’t have I enough energy? And it took me a long time before I realized that that was actually where they were functioning. That’s why the energy stopped. That’s what was keeping them from going from here to here. Does this make sense to you? ‘kay. Does this make sense to you in some sense and hopefully in your own life? Yes?

Okay, so what I learned that I could do and this is part of being you. What I learned that I could do by being me was instead of trying to fight that barrier and try to make it wrong in everything, what I did was I lowered all my barriers and I would perceive it. Like if you’ve ever been with somebody who’s got all kinds of barriers up to you and you’re like “Why?” And you wanna change it but you don’t know how? What you do is lower all your barriers and be totally present with what’s going on and just be there. And this works also, it’s interesting ‘cause there are so many, you know, a lot of practitioners in the room that work with bodies, that work with physical ailments and that sort of stuff or work as chiropractors or work as acupuncturists or work as other kinds of therapists with physical modalities, this works with those too. You get to a place with somebody’s body or somebody’s life and if you’ll just be there, totally present with them in all of their judgments and all of their barriers and all of their problems and just be there. And don’t judge it but just be with it and just be with it. It changes.

LeeBeing You

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