Be Your Own Best Friend With Maitri

By Eloise King | First published: May 22, 2011
body+soul, The Sunday Telegraph 

Learn how to treat your feelings like a welcome friend.

There is one person who is always with you, who you’re forced to listen to day and night and who you will never get away from. Yourself. So start practising maitri, the art of being your own best friend, says Jono Fisher, founder of WakeUp Sydney!, which aims to start a “kindness revolution”.

“Maitri is a Sanskrit word that is often translated as ‘unconditional friendship, acceptance or kindness with oneself’,” Fisher says. “It’s the idea that you treat whatever arises for you in your life – fear, guilt, shame – like a welcome friend. Then there is no disowning of your feelings and you become friendly with yourself.”

How to practise maitri: “Become aware of your internal dialogue, which for many is on loop,” Fisher says. “Meditation raises awareness and tames your mind. It awakens us to our true essence so we can open our hearts and engage lovingly with the world.”

LeeBe Your Own Best Friend With Maitri

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