The Soul of Surfing

Albe Falzon

Many a surfer will tell you that the ocean, and the experience they have in it, on it, with it, is the stuff that feeds their soul, day in and week out. There is an art in becoming one with the ocean that seasoned surfers master. Those who commit to the surfer’s journey are offered wisdoms, taught life lessons and afforded many spiritual highs along the way. This interview with Albe Falzon was first screened at Soul Sessions, an event that culminated in a screening of the recently released Spirit of Akasha, a movie directed Andrew Kidman and produced by Albe Falzon, celebrating 40 years since the release of Albe’s iconic surf film Morning of the Earth. Soul Sessions’ ongoing Soul of Surfing live events explore how the art of surfing can relate to doing life on land well too. The Universe creates waves of energy for us to work with. Swimming against them is hard work and ill advised. There’s an art to stepping into the flow so you can ride each wave of life that comes your way for maximum awesomeness.

LeeThe Soul of Surfing

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