A Story For All…

By Eloise King

Every Wednesday morning, I wake up at 5.45am, tie the fluoro laces on my trendy runners, and head out for a jog with my good friend Cherelle. I love our ritual run hour each week, because while keeping fit, we stay in regular contact, bounce ideas around about the world, and figure out how best to “be” in the centre of it all.

Last week, as we strode through the bush looking out across the Sydney Harbour sunrise, we talked about a scathing post she’d seen on Facebook the day before. It was full to the brim of blame, hate and good old fashioned finger pointing. Eww, bleuh! Ptteu! When people publicly criticise others for a “wrong” in their world, it’s just kinda… well, ugly. Non? And don’t think I’m on my High Horse here. I’ve been guilty of it too, more recently than I’d like to admit (offline).

So, what would happen instead of blaming everyone else for our problems, we viewed the institutions, people and/or “issues” in question as the reflection of Self they actually are? Gasp! What if each time we feel wronged, and compelled to talk up the “other” as The Grand Master W$#ker/ess… we stopped to examine our role in the latest episode of our life reality, instead?

When the chips are down, accepting responsibility can come with a bit of a sting… what?! it IS my fault!?… the positive, however, is we plonk ourselves in the very powerful position of being able to change our day, relationship, life for the better.

Baring witness to public criticism on Facebook feels ugly, but the same can be said in reverse for bumping up against true love, genuine inspiration and real integrity… it feels so pretty, so powerful! Why? Because the world is just a big old mix of One Soup wonder, and each of us an ingredient affecting the flavour for those around us.

This week, it felt so pretty, so powerful, bumping up against this video (above) on Cherelle’s Facebook wall. It’s about talented Australian Portrait Photographer Sue Bryce’s journey with a young and beautiful woman named Jill. Jill has problems, yes, but no blame, hate or finger pointing. Only Self and a genuine tendency to transform struggle into light. Both Jill and Sue are beaming examples of people who take responsibility for the flavour they want to create in the our One Soup world. As ingredients, I would label them love and light.

Question: If you were an ingredient in our One Soup world, what would your label say? Hmm…

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LeeA Story For All…

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