A Message From The Universe

Care of The Intuitive Warrior, Amir Zoghi

I ask you to consider this: what is the difference between a life built on love and passion and a life built from fear and insecurities? Which do you choose? Then why focus on what you don’t have rather than what you do?

A Message From The Universe…

Passion and love come from having, Soul Sessioner, and not from lack or from your insecurities. What are you passionate about, what do you love? You see, my dear, you will not find the answer to that question when you’re looking at what you don’t have or in what you’re insecure about.

Your true passion and love for things come from a place of abundance, not from a place of lack. Sometimes, however, you mistake an energy that comes from a place of lack as passion, but let me assure you, that energy is coming from need and not love.

True passion can only arise from Love. So why is this message today about love and passion, my dear friend? Because it is time that you stop running your life from a place of non-passion, from need, from fear. No use finding motivation or passion from a place of need, which is only an energy that is temporary. Love, not need, is an infinite energy and it can only be connected with when you feel abundance and joy for life itself and not life’s possessions or identities.

Start now, Soul Sessioner, to look into your life for what you have. For everything that you presume you lack, you have an abundance of something else, if you only look for it. You must stop placing your attention only on what you lack and begin to look for what you have an abundance of.

Do you want to know how abundant you are? Start to give whatever you feel that you lack, keep giving with no agenda of receiving and you will feel me, you will feel your abundance. You can only lack and therefore feel insecure when you presume you are on your own.

I’m here with you my dearest; I’ve been here all along. Call on me therefore whenever and wherever you feel separate from the love and abundance that I am. In times of difficulties you seem to forget that you and I are One, that you are safe no matter the circumstances. You can live in a world filled with the abundant beauty of the heavens or in a world filled with anguish, fear and resentment. It’s entirely up to you.

Only one message for you today Soul Sessioner, love and passion come from the heavens and when you choose to live for what you have and not for what you don’t, you will live an abundant life with the ability to also impact on others. That’s what it is really about for you, isn’t it? Then stop pretending that it is about something else.


Soul Sessions salutes Amir Zoghi, founder of Be Free People

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LeeA Message From The Universe

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